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Subject: Costa Rica: Dorado Bait
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 10:37AM by Lee Byard)

The Dorado is a favorite among anglers. Its ray-finned frame marks it as distinctive; its quick speeds brand it a challenge; and hunting this breed along the coast of Los Suenos is a pastime shared by many. Charter boats, like the R & J Proline, are forever sailing out to deep waters.

Bringing the right bait, however, is what makes those sailing trips successful.

r &j proline los suenos costa rica fishing

Catching a Dorado requires more than a sturdy line and a patient hand. Instead anglers must choose the best available bait. There are live and artificial options to consider.

Live Bait

The Dorado is a carnivorous breed, prone to eat anything it can find. When trying to bait it, however, brilliantly-scaled fish (like the Ballyhoo, the Mullet or the Flying Fish) are recommended. These are more likely to catch the Dorado’s attention and lure it in.

Artificial Bait

Fresh bait is not always possible to find. The Dorado, however, is not difficult to please. Artificial bait will suffice, as long as it’s colorful. Bucktail jigs, Dolphin trollers and more will attract this fish. Utilize feathers, beads and bright knotting.

A successful Dorado trip requires two things: the right bait and the right charter service (like the R & J Proline). Discover both in Costa Rica.

r & j proline los suenos costa rica fishing

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