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Subject: Los Suenos Marlin Fishing
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 10:25AM by Lee Byard)

Along the coast of Los Suenos there are many fish. None, however, manage to tempt--as well as frustrate--anglers more than Marlins. These creatures are premier ocean predators, with quick movements and spear-sharp jaws, their scales thorny-strong. They move through the deep currents, consuming everything in their path. 

They are remarkably difficult to catch... especially when anglers choose the wrong types of tackle.

barnacle ii los suenos costa rica fishing

Chasing Marlin requires more than determination. Instead anglers--after securing a charter service, like the Barnacle II--must have the right tackle. This is a large breed. Basic equipment will not suffice. Instead these options are needed:

Marlin Designated Rod

Choose a rod that is meant for Marlin fishing. These pieces will include graphite cores, balanced reels and a sturdy construction.

Long Range Reel

The Marlin is not a docile breed. It will instead fight. A long range reel is needed to adapt to this, providing as much line as necessary to allow the fish to eventually tire itself out.

Sturdy Line

Marlins fight when captured, jumping and twisting for hours. Heavy line--whether wire-based or nylon--is, therefore, essential. 

Choose the best available tackle while hunting Marlins with a charter crew, like the Barnacle II. This is the only way to ensure a worthwhile experience.

barnacle ii los suenos costa rica fishing

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