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Subject: Costa Rica: In-Shore Fishing
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 10:19AM by Lee Byard)

In-shore fishing, as the name implies, is centered close to the coast. It relies on light tackle or spinning lure techniques to search the shelf waters. Charter services, like the Good Day Too, provide anglers with access to a variety of fish without having to venture into deep currents.

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The most common Costa Rica breeds found in-shore are:


The Roosterfish is aptly named. Along its dorsal fin seven spikes rise, resembling the comb of a rooster. This lean fish--measuring over five feet in length and weighing an average of twenty pounds--is noted for its speed.


The Grouper is a powerful creature, with a wide frame and gaping mouth. Its unique gills allow it to effortlessly capture prey, sucking them in from a distance. It is not a quick fish, but it does prove difficult to catch due to its strength. Size and weight will vary.

Spanish Mackerel 

The Spanish Mackerel is a ray-boned fish, gently a gently curving spine and a spiny dorsal fin. It boasts a compact size, measuring an average length of fourteen inches and weighing up to eleven pounds. Its colors are striking, making it a favorite to catch.

In-shore fishing in Costa Rica is as easy as it is exciting. Charter a ship, like the Good Day Too, and discover what’s waiting just beneath the surface.

good day too los suenos costa rica fishing

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