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Subject: Costa Rica: Fishing Rods
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 10:13AM by Lee Byard)

Sport fishing is an adventure. 

Without the proper rod, however, it can also be a disaster--with anglers left struggling with fragile materials and sagging lines, their lures spinning uselessly. The fish that flit along the Pacific prove too much for the unprepared.

Choosing the right rod, therefore, is an essential part of any deep sea expedition (like the ones offered from the Dream I).

dream i los suenos costa rica fishing

A rod is more than just graphite and cross-fibers. Instead it’s an extension of the angler who holds it... which means it must be carefully chosen.

Consider these suggestions:

Deep Sea Designated

Every rod is different. Some are meant for fly fishing; others are perfect for light tackle trips. A deep sea excursion (like the ones provided by the Dream I) demands sturdier options. Choose rods that specify open water stability.

Breed Specialized

There are countless fish to find in the Pacific. Each of these boasts a unique shape and size, as well as strong survival instincts (which may lead to underwater acrobatics, like jumping, flailing or twisting against the line). Choose rods that are tailored for each breed. This helps to reduce reel strain and provides greater endurance against Marlins, Sailfish and more.

Modification Potential

Every angler has his own way of casting. A rod should reflect that. Find options that can be modified. Height, weight, balance and more can be realigned, adapting to an individual’s needs and streamlining the process.

Choosing the right rod is the difference between an unforgettable sport fishing trip and one that must be forgotten.

dream i los suenos costa rica fishing

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