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Subject: Family Fishing: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:58AM by Lee Byard)

A fishing vacation is often a family vacation. Parents want to sail the Pacific... and they want their children to join them. 

Accommodating large groups, however, can prove difficult. Young anglers more quickly give in to exhaustion, distraction and more. Trying to bait a Marlin seems impossible when boys and girls want to simply sleep.

A charter service, like the Arriba Dreams, is essential, therefore. 

arriba dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter services provide more than seasoned crews and navigational support. Instead they offer family-ready fishing. Ships, like the Arriba Dreams, provide multiple ways for children to be entertained throughout the day.

Cabin Access

Many ships boast below-deck cabins. These spacious rooms allow children to retreat from the Costa Rica sun, taking advantage of bedding options and galley kitchens. This is especially useful for full day excursions. 

On-board Diversions

A still line is a dull line... at least for children. Many charter services offer on-board distractions to compensate. Stereo systems, iPod hook-ups, televisions, DVD players and more provide easy entertainment. 

Small Fish Speciality 

Little hands can’t reel in big fishes. Marlins, Dorados and more will instead quickly pull away from children, undoing what should be a perfect moment. This is why many deep-sea charter services offer small fish specialties, with an excess of tackling options to track kid-friendly breeds.

A family vacation can finally succeed.... with help from charter ships.

arriba dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

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