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Subject: Los Suenos Charters
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:44AM by Lee Byard)

A perfect fishing vacation requires more than Costa Rica’s stunning shores. Instead it requires charter services, with experienced captains and crews navigating Pacific currents and centering anglers among the Marlins, Snooks and more. 

Consider these exclusive Costa Rica Fishing Adventures options:

60 Megabites

The 60 Megabites is a 60’ Hatteras ship. It specializes in Marlin fishing, taking advantage of on-board outriggers, downriggers and more to deliver consistent results. Up to fourteen anglers can board the 60 Megabites per trip. 

los suenos costa rica fishing
Devilish Dreams

The Devilish Dreams is a 55’ Hatteras ship. It specializes in off-shore fishing, tracking all major deep-sea breeds. Available Shimano tackles, fly tackles and tuna towers adapt to all needs. Up to fifteen anglers can board the Devilish Dreams during half day or full day excursions.

los suenos costa rica fishing
Rock & Roll

The Rock & Roll is a 55’ Hatteras ship. It specializes in sport fishing, offering guests triple spreader outriggers, Penn International Tackle rugs and more. This allows for effortless deep-sea fishing. Up to eight anglers can board the Rock & Roll per adventure.

los suenos costa rica fishing
Dragin Fly

The Dragin Fly is a 42’ Maverick yacht. It specializes in sport-fishing cruises, targeting the Billfish population (Black Marlins, Sailfish, Blue Marlins and more). It boasts a variety of equipment, such as: a Furuno Bird Radar, echo sounder and rocket-laucher fighting chair. Up to six anglers can board the Dragin Fly each trip.

los suenos costa rica fishing
Shot Gun

The Shot Gun is a 42’ Stapleton ship. It specializes in deep-sea fishing, with an emphasis on Sailfish. On-board equipment--like fish finders, outriggers and top-shelf tackle--proves vital for every trip. Up to eight anglers can board the Shot Gun per excursion.

los suenos costa rica fishing

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