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Subject: Yellow Fins In Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:38AM by Lee Byard)

The Yellow Fin Tuna is a favorite along the Costa Rica shore. Its fusiform frame--with tapering fins emphasizing the muscular curve of its body--is often chased by anglers. Its size and speed brand it a challenge.

Occasionally, however, that challenge can be too great. Many anglers can’t find this fish. They spend hours circling the shores of Los Suenos and other Costa Rican marinas, lines ignored and reels unused. 

This is a common scenario... but it’s also one that can be avoided if certain suggestions are followed.

macushla los suenos costa rica fishing

Before hunting Yellow Fin Tuna anglers should:

Consult A Charter Service

The Yellow Fin Tuna is a difficult fish to catch, even for the professional angler. Choosing a charter service (like the Macushla) is important, therefore. These services specialize in this particular breed, boasting a wealth of knowledge and techniques. They drastically increase the chances for success. 

Set Sail For Deep Waters

The Yellow Fin Tuna doesn’t cling to the shore. Instead it strays far from Los Suenos. A deep sea adventure is, therefore, needed. Light tackle or shelf fishing simply won’t work.

Look For Surface Disturbances

The Yellow Fin Tuna, despite its love of deep-water, feasts along the surface. It will track its favorite prey (Balao, Mackerel, Pilchards and more) to shallow currents. Look for disturbances: excessive splashing, an increase of sea-bird hovering and even blood. This fish is a messy eater. There is usually evidence of its meals.

Tracking the Yellow Fin Tuna isn’t always a simple goal. Following these tips, however, helps to ensure it’s an accomplishable one.

macushla los suenos costa rica fishing

Contact the Macushla charter service today to plan an excursion.
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