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Subject: Sailfish In Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:31AM by Lee Byard)

The Sailfish is a prize many anglers seek to win. Its body--defined by a striking dorsal fin, with blue scales that reflect even the faintest ocean light--is impressive. Its speed is unmatched. This is a consummate predator, tracking its prey through deep currents, delivering staggering blows with its bill.

Managing to capture a Sailfish is considered quite the feat.

Knowing when to give up the fight, however, is considered a necessity.

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The Sailfish is a massive creature. It boasts an average length of ten feet and can weigh up to two hundred pounds. Its body is compact but muscular, and anglers often have difficulty reeling it in (especially when they don't utilize experienced charter services, like the Oceanik). Getting this breed from the water to the deck is a challenge.

It can also be dangerous.

The Sailfish will struggle against the line. It will use its weight and incredible jumping skills to set itself free. This can force an angler to work for hours to complete the catch, causing extreme exhaustion or potential heat stroke. Some may even find themselves pulled off of the boat, with tangled lines and bent rods providing weak anchoring points. This usually occurs when a charter ship, like the Oceanik, isn't used and the equipment was professionally mounted.

It’s important, therefore, to recognize when to release a Sailfish. Anglers shouldn’t force themselves to continue. They must instead know their own limits, understanding when their bodies are tiring and when the heat is too much. They should also rely on the knowledge of charter crews, like the one found on the Oceanik, to better gauge situations.

This is the difference between an exciting vacation and a fishing disaster.

oceanik los suenos costa rica fishing

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