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Subject: Costa Rica: Sport Fishing
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:24AM by Lee Byard)

Sport fishing is a collection of thrills--deep sea adventures and hard-earned rewards, battling Marlins, Gars and Dorados. Venturing beyond Costa Rica’s shoreline allows anglers to experience the challenge of the chase.

It should also, however, allow them to experience comfort.

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Tracking Costa Rica’s many fish is a worthwhile way to spend a vacation. Refusing to take advantage of basic comforts--like those provide by the Spanish Fly and other charter services--can dampen any day, though. There are certain necessities anglers should look for when preparing for a deep-sea event:

Air Conditioning

Costa Rica boasts high temperatures throughout the year.  A charter ship should off air conditioned cabins or salons, therefore, to compensate. This allows anglers to worry about fishing rather than the heat.

Sleeping Quarters

All-day adventures can be tiring (as well as nausea-inducing for the novice fishermen). A charter service with sleeping quarters proves essential then, allowing travelers to take short breaks from their excursions. 

Shaded Salon

Standing beneath the Costa Rican sun for hours is a mistake. A shaded salon can rectify that mistake. Anglers should choose charter ships that feature covered areas. This will ensure easier fishing throughout the day, eliminating worries of sun burns, heat stroke and more.

Comfort is not a luxury. It’s instead a right. Find charter services, like the Spanish Fly, that provide it.

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