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Subject: Sport Fishing: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 07:18AM by Lee Byard)

It’s the catch of a lifetime. A Marlin struggles in the water, powerful fins thrashing against the sea, bill cutting through the waves. Above an angler watches, tugging hard against the line, certain that this is a record-breaking find. No fish could rival the one he’s trapped. None could compare.

As the hours drag on and on, however, he thinks that none could fight this hard... and succeed.

The angler’s body finally concedes the match, exhaustion winning over pride. He’s forced to release the line, letting the Marlin dart away. The day has been wasted.

If he’d had a fighting chair (like the one found on the Super Fly) the story would’ve ended differently.

super fly los suenos costa rica fishing

A fighting chair, simply explained, is a way for individuals to support themselves while reeling in a large fish--like the Marlin, the Sailfish and similar breeds. These chairs are fixed to the boat. Their angled backs and padded seats provide a comfortable place to sit as the hours roll on. Their rugged frames also allow fishermen to brace themselves against the deck or rail, gaining greater leverage. 

And this is imperative. 

Certain breeds cannot be easily caught. They will instead fight against the hook, throwing themselves in every direction to break free. Anglers, therefore, must prepare for a lengthy battle. 

Without a chair that battle will be fought standing up... and this has caused the loss of countless fish.

Choose fighting chairs for deep-sea excursions. Charter services, like the Super Fly, offer them.

super fly los suenos costa rica fishing

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