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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing: Bait
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 07:12AM by Lee Byard)

Fishing is a much-loved pastime. Fishing in Costa Rica, however, is an experience... and it’s one shared by many anglers.

Every year thousands travel to the Los Suenos Marina, seeking the wealth of Marlins, Snooks and Mackerels. Each of these individuals--from the novice to the champion--agrees that the Pacific waters are rich with fish.

the bite los suenos costa rica fishing

What they can’t agree on, however, is which bait most attracts these fish: live or artificial. Every excursion (even those conducted by seasoned charter services, like The Bite) brings a mixture of different opinions, traditions and ideas. Anglers have definite thoughts about bait and they are willing to thoroughly debate their sides.

The truth, though, is that neither form--alive or not--is better than the other. Instead they both have specific advantages. 

Live Bait: live bait offers familiarity in the water, appealing to natural prey-drives. It  utilizes movement and scents to attract specific breeds. Traces of blood will also increase the interest of passing fish. This form of bait is best used in deep sea excursions (like the ones offered by The Bite).

Artificial Bait: artificial bait provides versatility, with anglers able to easily adjust the weight, depth and movement of each lure. The use of bold colors and accessories (like feathers or dangling beads) also helps to catch the attention of fish. This method is often utilized in murky water or during surface hunting.

Every anglers swears by his or her methods. There is value, however, to find in both bait forms. Choose which one best suits a sport fishing trip.

the bite los suenos costa rica fishing

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