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Subject: Costa Rica: Sailfish Tips
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 07:02AM by Lee Byard)

Every month seems to welcome a new fish in Costa Rica. Along the Los Suenos shoreline endless breeds follow their established paths, migrating into the warm shelf waters. 

There is one breed, however, that remains in these waters throughout the entire year--the Sailfish--and chasing after it proves easy for anglers... if they follow certain suggestions.

shot gun los suenos costa rica fishing

The Sailfish--with its iridescent frame and elongated bill--is noted for its speed and beauty. It’s among the most popular billfish of Costa Rica and every season anglers will board a charter ship (like the Shot Gun) to track it.

Doing this requires more than mere determination, though. Instead the Sailfish can be caught through:

Trolling: this breeds tends to move throughout multiple zones, willing to follow its prey from current to current. Trolling is recommended to compensate for this. It creates greater coverage in the Pacific and increases an angler’s chance for success.

Slow Pace: the Sailfish is quick in the water. Its prey, however, is not, choosing to instead remain in specific currents to feed. A slow knot pace is, therefore, suggested. This allows anglers to center themselves among a steady stream of live bait. The Sailfish will come to them.

Variety: billfish feast on countless creatures. Anglers should embrace this, varying their lines with different baits (like Blue Runners, Minnows, Pilchards and more). This will more effectively attract Sailfish.

Capturing a Sailfish isn’t difficult... if travelers implement these suggestions. Contact a charter service--like the Shot Gun--to find this striking breed.

shot gun los suenos costa rica fishing

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