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Subject: Costa Rica: Billfish
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:45AM by Lee Byard)

Within the vast expanse of the Pacific wait countless fish. Each season brings a new breed for anglers to chase, a new discovery to make. There is no end to the possibilities.

Despite this endless collection--from the Dorado to the Snapper, the Wahoo to the Yellow Fin Tuna--there is one creature that always captures the imagination: billfish. This breed dominates the Costa Rican shoreline, maddening to catch but impossible to refuse. 

Anglers wishing to track these fish must first recognize the most common types: learning where to find them, when to hunt them and why a charter service (like the Dragin Fly) is so important.

dragin fly los suenos costa rica fishing

There are three billfish found in Costa Rica throughout the year:

The Blue Marlin: This massive fish--with its powerfully-built body and quicksilver movements--resides in deep Pacific waters. Its peak migration season is from December until April along the Los Suenos coast. 

The Sailfish: This striking breed features an elongated bill and high dorsal fin. Its smaller stature allow for easier reeling but its speed is unmatched. The Sailfish prefers the warm Los Suenos currents and is most visible from December until May. It is possible, however, to catch this fish in any season.

The Black Marlin: This larger sibling of the Blue Marlin boasts a muscular frame and sharply pointed bill. Its wide fins allow it to move effortlessly throughout the Pacific, especially along the Los Suenos shoreline. It is most active in April and May.

These billfish are among the most popular choices for anglers. Finding them can prove difficult, however, without the support of a charter crew (like the Dragin Fly). Take advantage of seasoned sailors to track these elusive breeds.

dragin fly los suenos costa rica fishing

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