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Subject: Costa Rica Sport Fishing
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:39AM by Lee Byard)

Sport fishing is a common pastime--especially along the shores of Costa Rica. Anglers delight each year in the Pacific waters and abundant schools, eagerly casting their lines in hopes of finding Marlin, Spanish Mackerels and more. 

Too often, however, do anglers forget that sport fishing is more than just a single experience. Instead it embraces a variety of excursions... and each of these excursions can now be found in Costa Rica with help from experienced charter ships, like the Rock & Roll.

rock and roll los suenos costa rica fishing

Sport fishing is a broad category. Within it travelers will find multiple options to consider (each of which can be tailored to a Costa Rican adventure with the Rock & Roll crew).

Bottom Fishing: All assorted tackle--bait, lines and lead lures--are securely weighted and then released to the bottom of a body of water. This allows fishermen to track more elusive breeds. It's often chosen for shelf areas or murky currents. 

Deep Sea Fishing: This type of sport fishing takes place in open spaces, with a variety of reels and rods utilized to capture large breeds. These breeds migrate far from the shore and so great distances are needed to track them.

Trolling: This technique features multiple lines (all cut to different lengths). The lines are cast behind the boat, fanning out to attract fish. Trolling often focuses on breeds that linger near the surface but can be utilized in deep sea environments. 

Choosing the right type of sport fishing is essential. Recognize which option most appeals and then choose a corresponding charter.

rock and roll los suenos costa rica fishing

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