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Subject: Marlin Charters: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:25AM by Lee Byard)

The sight of a Marlin--with its straight bill and high fins, body a collection of scales and strength--rising from the waves is unforgettable. These massive fish arch out of the water, taunting anglers and casting shadows. They are easy to spy along the Costa Rican shoreline. 

They are not, however, easy to catch... unless an experienced charter crew, like the one found on the 60 Megabites, is chosen.

60 megabites los suenos costa rica fishing

Each year Costa Rica--specifically the area of Los Suenos--welcomes thousands of anglers, many determined to chase Marlin. This is a lofty goal but also one that’s not often accomplished. These fish are quick in the water and ferocious on the line. They move with a brutal efficiency, ever the ocean predator. Trying to capture them proves difficult for the professional angler and almost impossible for the novice. 

A charter crew, however, can help sway the odds. These individuals--like the captain and mates of the 60 Megabites--understand not only the Pacific, but also the migrational patterns of Marlins. They are familiar with seasonal shifts and currents, as well as luring this breed with specialized bait, rods and trolling lines. Utilizing their skills offers anglers the best chance to succeed.

And that transforms a simple vacation into a Los Suenos experience.

Take advantage of charter crews. Track Marlins with support from the 60 Megabites and similar ships. 

Book an excursion today from Costa Rica Fishing Adventures.
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