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Subject: Costa Rica: Catch And Release
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:13AM by Lee Byard)

Costa Rica is often assumed to be the center of sport fishing.

Fishing, however, isn’t just a sport--despite how many anglers play it, despite all of the time spent trying to win. 

los suenos costa rica fishing

Instead it’s the driving force of Costa Rica’s social and economical development, generating an estimated 600 million dollars a year through tourism, professional charter services, tackle sales and more. 

And it’s because of this that the country has imposed a catch and release policy for all anglers.

Catch and release fishing, as the name implies, is when an individual manages to secure a fish but then returns it to the wild. Costa Rica utilizes this practice as part of its devotion to sustainability, ensuring that its vast collection of Marlins, Snappers and more remains steady. 

It’s estimated that almost 120,000 anglers visit Costa Rica each year, especially the areas of Jaco and Los Suenos. They hurry to the shores, exploring the currents, coves and inlets. If these individuals were allowed to fish without restrictions the effect would be immediate... and devastating. Breed populations would decline; tourism would then slow, especially since 40% of all anglers confess to choosing this Pacific area exclusively for its fishing opportunities; and the economy would falter. 

Catch and release fishing is the only way to sustain both the environment and the country. It maintains the market, while also promoting travel.

Anglers must remind themselves of this, indulging in the chase but not the hunt. 

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