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Subject: Costa Rica: Protect Tortuga
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:10AM by Lee Byard)

Sustainability is the foundation of Costa Rican tourism, promoting (and protecting) its unique environment. Few destinations within the country better embody this idea than Tortuga Island.

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Tortuga Island is tucked along the tip of the Gulf of Nicoya, framed between Curu Point and the city of Jaco. It is a small island but beauty defines every inch, offering high hills and unspoiled coastlines. Its striking scenery has branded it as one of the most visited Costa Rican properties, with every day bringing divers, hikers and nature enthusiasts. 

Tortuga’s popularity is undeniable--and this once caused concern, with many fretting over the effects of travelers and the possible destruction of a delicately balanced ecosystem. Sustainability, however, keeps this from happening.

The island, like the rest of Costa Rica, is shielded by sustainable programs: government sponsored regulations, all tailored toward conservation. Tortuga is protected by the country. It is uninhabited (save for a small group of locals who lease the land and oversee its day-to-day needs) and well-preserved. Visitors are encouraged to explore its three square miles but must abide by strict rules while doing so. This ensures that nature and tourism can co-exist.

And that enables Tortuga Island to remain a favorite for years to come.

Charter a ship (like the Fun In Paradise) and discover what the island has to offer.

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