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Subject: Costa Rica Tortuga Diving
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:07AM by Lee Byard)

Costa Rica is more than an angler’s playground--even as every wave seems to hide a new school of fish and every line yields a catch. 

Instead it’s the destination of divers, offering a rich underwater experience for every scuba-enthusiast. Consider Tortuga Island.

los suenos costa rica

Waiting beyond the city of Jaco is Tortuga Island. Its white sands and lush slopes make it an obvious favorite of travelers, with over one hundred estimated visitors each week indulging in its natural wonders. What’s beyond the shore, however, makes it an easy choice for divers as well.

Surrounding Tortuga is the Pacific Ocean, with its collection of reefs and dynamic marine life. Clear waters frame the island, ensuring high visibility and effortless diving. The currents are steady and there are several shallow points for amateurs to enter, allowing every adventurer the chance to explore. There are no high concerns, with even passing cruise ships proving easy to avoid with their designated routes.

Costa Rica is often cited for its fishing opportunities. Tortuga Island, however, offers chances for snorkeling and scuba-diving. Charter a ship (like the Fun In Paradise) and discover what’s beneath the sea.

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