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Subject: Costa Rica: Cruise Tortuga
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:04AM by Lee Byard)

Anglers have one passion: to fish. The summer season sees them hurrying to the shores of Costa Rica, trying to track the endless collection of Marlins, Snooks and Jack Crevalles. Every thought is weighted with back-casting and drop-shots. There’s no need, they’re sure, for anything else.

Costa Rica offers more than fishing adventures, however. Instead... there’s Tortuga Island.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Tortuga Island is cradled along the Golfo de Nicoyo. This tiny isle--a three square mile sprawl of white sand and arching palms--seems, at first, to be an unlikely destination for fishermen. It is an isolated area, nestled hours from the marinas and typical deep-sea spots.

What it provides, however, is a way to sample the true beauty of Costa Rica, allowing anglers to pause in their quests for Sailfish and to instead enjoy the shore--which is why a Tortuga Island cruise (like the one provided by the Fun In Paradise crew) is recommended.

Navigate the Pacific and discover a land untouched. A Tortuga cruise lasts eight hours in total, bringing travelers from the heart of Jaco to a small paradise that's ripe with exotic blooms and wildlife. The island offers a wealth of activities, such as snorkeling, diving and hiking. The true reason for any fisherman to visit, however, is to experience what makes Costa Rica such a rare location: a diverse environment and peerless views.

Discover what waits beyond the marinas. Take a cruise to Tortuga Island.

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