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Subject: Costa Rica: Bio-Diversity
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 05:54AM by Lee Byard)

Throughout the world Costa Rica is famed for its fishing opportunities. Anglers flock each year to explore what waits beyond the shores.

Those same anglers, however, may not be aware of the reason for such ample fishing.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Costa Rica is a tiny country, encompassing only 0.3% of the world’s total mass. That number, however, is quickly undone by the sheer biodiversity found within this land--a staggering 5% of the global environment. This is both unexpected and undeniable.

Within the borders of Costa Rica is a collection of rain-forests, mountain peaks, golden beaches and lagoons. It’s framed by the waters of both the Pacific and the Caribbean, and its high temperatures inspire constant growth and change. It’s an ever-expanding series of landscapes and seascapes.

There is no place on Earth that boasts the same environmental profile. The country is instead thoroughly unique.

And this is what generates such a high number of fish and sea-life.

Costa Rica, despite its small size, is the most dynamic environmental force in the world. Fishing becomes an easy task, due to the blend of fresh and salt water (found in inlets, lakes, wetlands and more). Each area is teeming with life, with crosscurrents leading new species to the shores every year. 

Biodiversity leads to perfect angling and endless adventures: from Guancaste to Los Suenos.

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