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Subject: Marlin Fishing Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 05:50AM by Lee Byard)

The Marlin is an elusive breed. Though sought throughout the world, it remains--stubbornly, unfortunately--hard to track, its impressive size belied by undeniable speed. Trying to catch this fish is a challenge.

Trying to catch it in Costa Rica, however, makes it less of one.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Marlins dominate the Costa Rican shore, migrating often just beyond the Los Suenos Marina. This leads many travelers to flock to the Pacific, chartering ships and chasing fish.

There are certain steps, however, that should be followed before attempting such a chase:

Choose Sturdy Equipment

Traditional rods and reels will snap beneath the weight of a Marlin (these fish can easily surpass 300 pounds). An elastic enforced stand-up rod is essential, therefore: bending with the bulk instead of trying to resist it. 

Find Live Bait

The Marlin is a hunter by nature, seeking out a variety of fish to feed on (such as Bonito or Flying Fish). Individuals should use these breeds to increase their chances of catching a Marlin. Live bait emits a more dynamic scent and draws these creatures out.

Take Advantage of Sonar

Marlins are often considered the most difficult fish to track. Utilizing a sonar system is, therefore, recommended--with digital technology examining currents, migration patterns and more to pinpoint locations. Many charter services boast ultrasound equipment. 

Many seek out Costa Rica for Marlin opportunities. Remember these suggestions, however, before attempting any trip.

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