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Fishing is more than a simple pastime. It’s instead a sport.

And it’s one Los Suenos embraces.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Every year the Los Suenos Marina--an internationally recognized resort tucked along the Costa Rican shore--hosts the Signature Billfish Series. This event (which spans two legs: January 16th through 19th and March 13th through 16th) is renowned throughout the world, drawing deep-sea and inland fishermen together in the hope of earning a championship.

The Billfish Series is a catch-and-release competition that targets Marlins (all types) and Pacific Sailfish. Points are awarded as individuals successfully snag and toss away these breeds, with releases then time-stamped for verification. Single anglers or teams search around the marina, taking advantage of steady currents and steadier migration patterns to find each fish.

The Los Suenos Signature Series--which is linked with the World Billfish Series (WBS), the Pacific Rim Division (PCD) and the International Game Fish Association (IGFA)--offers more than mere points, however. It instead recognizes success with invitations. Contenders of this game will earn chances to appear in future series, gaining fame throughout the fishing world. 

Los Suenos brings professional sportsmen and angling enthusiasts together for a thrilling competition.

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