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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing Records
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 05:36AM by Lee Byard)

Records are made to be broken. 

And they often seem to be broken in Costa Rica.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Within the waters of the Pacific are countless fish. Schools of Snappers, Spanish Mackerels and more cling to the coast, with travelers following close behind. Costa Rica--specifically in the areas of Los Suenos and Jaco--is host to some of the most dynamic deep sea and inland fishing opportunities in the world. Each year brings thousands of sportsmen, all wanting to sample the country’s diverse appeal.

They also, however, want to make their mark in history... and they do.

Costa Rica, as of 2013, boasts 84 International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) records, including four all tackle titles: 

Dorado Fish: 87 lb. 0 oz., Gulf of Papagayo (Sept 25, 1976)
Snook: 53 lb. 10 oz., Parismina (Oct 18, 1978)
Pacific Jack Crevalle: 39 lb. 0 oz., Playa Zancudo (Mar 3, 1997)
Machaca: 9 lb. 8 oz., Barra de Colorado (Nov 24, 1991)

These numbers are staggering... and prove that Costa Rica allows fishermen to truly excel at their sport. This is a country defined by its environment. The Pacific Ocean (along with an endless collection of beaches, bays and coves) brings a wealth of opportunities throughout the year. Chasing records becomes not only possible but probable. 

And, for the fishing enthusiast, that's a challenge that can’t be denied.

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