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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing Seasons
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 05:34AM by Lee Byard)

Every adventure has a beginning but not every adventure has a worthwhile end. Poor planning can ruin even the best of intentions, leaving travelers with missed chances and wasted days.

A fishing trip in Costa Rica is no exception.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Costa Rica has forever been lauded as a fisherman’s paradise. Its waters--specifically those surrounding the Central Pacific region--boast countless breeds. Trying to chase those breeds, however, isn’t always easy, with diverse migration patterns signaling changes each month. 

Every fisherman must plan his Costa Rica fishing adventure carefully, therefore. Recognize how each month affects migratory movements. The Central Pacific region, for example, hosts a wealth of fish. Not every breed is found throughout the year, however. Instead they prove as fickle as the tide:

Tuna: June through September
Snapper: January through December
Spanish Mackerel: January through December
Sailfish: December through April
Roosterfish: June through October
Marlin: September through November
Dorado: May through October

Noting these patterns helps to ensure that a fishing excursion doesn’t end in disaster. 

Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures today to learn more about planning the perfect excursion.
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