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Subject: Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 05:31AM by Lee Byard)

Tucked along the white shores of Playa Herradura is the Los Suenos Marina. This Central Pacific resort boasts sweeping views and five-star amenities, making it one of Costa Rica’s most sought after areas. 

Los Suenos is more than just a vacation destination, however. Instead it blends incomparable beauty with the country’s best sports-fishing.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Fishing isn’t merely a pastime. It’s instead a passion... and it’s one Los Suenos fulfills. This is Costa Rica’s premier destination for deep sea and shoreside expeditions. The reasons are many:


Chasing a single school of fish is unsatisfying. Los Suenos spares travelers this, instead offering a wealth of breeds to choose from. These marina waters are dominated by Tuna, Snappers, Spanish Mackerels, Roosterfish, Dorados, Marlins, Sailfish and more. The possibilities are endless.

All Season Options

A perfect adventure isn’t always defined by the summer. Costa Rica fishing excursions embrace every season instead, with fish migrating throughout the entire year. It’s finally possible to create the best sport experience.

Ecological Diversity

Los Suenos is more than a marina. It’s instead a collection of landscapes: with Pacific waters, coves, islands and inlets. The environment is ever-changing and this provides countless fishing opportunities.

A visit to Los Suenos isn’t a day at the beach. It’s instead a day in the sea.

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