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Subject: The Central Pacific Delivers Many Fishing Opportunities
(Posted on Nov 18, 2013 at 10:41AM by Lee Byard)

los suenos fishingThe Central Pacific is often heralded as Costa Rica’s premier fishing locale. It offers abundant marine life and spectacular views, tempting anglers from across the globe.

What makes this area a true fisher’s paradise, however, is its diversity.

Throughout this region anglers will discover a variety of inshore and offshore options. It's defined by water, extending from Cabo Blanco to Drake Bay. Discover the Pacific ocean and its Marlins and Sailfish. Explore Herradura Bay or the Los Suenos Marina for Dorados. Sail to Quepos for Tuna and Crevalles. Wade in the Sierpe Lagoon for Snook, and raft down the Savegre River for Roosterfish.

Within the Central Pacific anglers can experience endless possibilities. Inlets, canals and lakes dot the coast, providing an excess of fish and excitement.

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Subject: Costa Rica: Marlin Tips
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:18AM by Lee Byard)

It should be such a simple thing: tracking a fish that exceeds four hundred pounds, with a massive bill and a fin span that shames the height of many men. The Marlin is a giant in the deep. Finding it in Costa Rica should pose no problem.

The truth is far different than the assumption, however.

Instead the Marlin proves itself to be elusive, managing to hide from even experienced anglers. It is quick; it is clever; and it is forever hunting. Tracking it is a challenge. Catching it seems to border on the impossible.

There are ways, however, to increase the chance for success.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Costa Rica boasts an ample supply of Marlins. The migration patterns are strong and the population is steady. Anglers can bait this breed... as long as they follow these suggestions:


Marlins are found in Costa Rica throughout the year, especially around the areas of Los Suenos and Jaco. December through April, however, is often cited as the most fruitful time. Anglers should plan their vacations accordingly.

Off Shore Sailing

Costa Rica provides many inland and bottom fishing opportunities. Marlins, however, are found off shore. Anglers must be willing to explore the Pacific, tracking this fish through deep waters. A charter service is recommended to make this an easier task.

Multiple Options

Trapping a Marlin with elastic lines is possible. Anglers should also, however, consider the possibility of trolling. This method is useful in deep currents, reaching farther than most standard lines and providing more precise fishing. It is particularly useful as a training exercise for novices.

The Marlin is among the most difficult fish to catch. Costa Rica, however, curtails that difficulty--as long as anglers remember to arrive in the proper season, sail far from shore and provide themselves with multiple casting options.

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Subject: Find Marlin In Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 05:58AM by Lee Byard)

Simple is sometimes best.

This is a common phrase, but too often is it ignored--especially within the world of angling. Fishermen develop countless strategies, infusing every thought with lures, reels and live bait. Their sport of choice demands much time and even more energy.... especially when the prize is a Marlin

Such a prize isn’t often won through difficult tactics, however. Instead Costa Rican charter services recognize a more straightforward approach.

They follow the birds.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Marlins are predators. These fearsome fish--which can exceed 14 feet and 400 pounds--dominate the Pacific Ocean, especially along the Costa Rican shore. They are forever chasing warm currents, migrating with the many schools of fish found off of Los Suenos. Mackerel, Tuna and even squids prove tempting for this breed, and they use their spears to capture them.

Due to the ocean’s ever-moving surface, it’s a challenge to find Marlin. Looking to the sky, however, yields far greater rewards.

The many birds of Costa Rica will target the same schools that Marlin do. They’ll track them down, diving into the waves to feast. Sailing toward a flock of gulls or terns, therefore, is often the best form of fishing (especially when combined with trolling or trawling techniques). They act as a beacon and, when followed, they offer a promise of success.

Complicated plans and equipment aren’t needed. Costa Rican charter services instead understand the relationship between Marlins and birds.

And this makes every trip far more exciting.

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Subject: Marlin Fishing Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 05:50AM by Lee Byard)

The Marlin is an elusive breed. Though sought throughout the world, it remains--stubbornly, unfortunately--hard to track, its impressive size belied by undeniable speed. Trying to catch this fish is a challenge.

Trying to catch it in Costa Rica, however, makes it less of one.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Marlins dominate the Costa Rican shore, migrating often just beyond the Los Suenos Marina. This leads many travelers to flock to the Pacific, chartering ships and chasing fish.

There are certain steps, however, that should be followed before attempting such a chase:

Choose Sturdy Equipment

Traditional rods and reels will snap beneath the weight of a Marlin (these fish can easily surpass 300 pounds). An elastic enforced stand-up rod is essential, therefore: bending with the bulk instead of trying to resist it. 

Find Live Bait

The Marlin is a hunter by nature, seeking out a variety of fish to feed on (such as Bonito or Flying Fish). Individuals should use these breeds to increase their chances of catching a Marlin. Live bait emits a more dynamic scent and draws these creatures out.

Take Advantage of Sonar

Marlins are often considered the most difficult fish to track. Utilizing a sonar system is, therefore, recommended--with digital technology examining currents, migration patterns and more to pinpoint locations. Many charter services boast ultrasound equipment. 

Many seek out Costa Rica for Marlin opportunities. Remember these suggestions, however, before attempting any trip.

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