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Subject: Using A Spin Cast Rod In Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 19, 2013 at 04:28PM by Lee Byard)

los suenos costa ricaSport fishing is thrilling.

It can also, however, be frustrating for inexperienced anglers - especially if they choose the wrong rods while in Los Suenos.

Travelers planning their first Costa Rica vacations must think of more than charter shipslodgings and fishing reports. They must instead consider their tackle options.

Rely on spin cast rods.

Spin cast rods are lightweight options, with compact grips and flexible poles. They adapt well to the Central Pacific, accommodating medium-strength lures and providing exceptional tension (which is essential while battling the area's many fierce fish). Their streamlined designs make them easy to master and their push button releases prove ideal for first-time anglers, especially young children.

Consider a spin cast rod while in Los Suenos. Use it to track Snooks, Groupers and other marine creatures. It’s a simple, but effective, tackle tool that will enhance every sport fishing vacation.
Subject: What Is The Difference Between Fishing Poles And Rods?
(Posted on Dec 7, 2013 at 08:29AM by Lee Byard)

fishing los suenosEvery sport has its great debates. Is football won with offense or defense? Is the designated hitter rule a liability? Which basketball league reigns supreme?

Fishing isn’t exempt from this clash of opinions. Los Suenos anglers instead argue over key terminology - is it a fishing pole or a fishing rod?

The answer is easy to find.

According to the Fishing Loft, poles and rods are two separate entities, defined by their materials. Poles are recognized for their natural elements. They’re often shaped by cane, reed, bamboo or similar woods, making them flexible and lightweight. Rods, however, are manmade composites, blending kevlar, boron, fiberglass or graphite. This offers them greater durability and easier mounting.

Poles and rods are not interchangeable. Their constructions and tensile strengths instead differ - due both to their materials and their designs. It’s important to remember this when chartering ships along Los Suenos. Request the proper tackle equipment and don’t swap one option for the other.

Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures for suggestions on which tackles to use and how to use them.
Subject: The Disadvantage Of Using A Barrel Swivel In Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 6, 2013 at 06:46AM by Lee Byard)

fishing los suenosA twisted line is a useless line.

Trying to capture fish along the coast of Los Suenos is no easy task, especially as filaments bend and break. Anglers struggle with every ray-finned, bill-nosed breed - only to lose the fight as their cables snap.

This is an unfortunate effect of bad luck and barrel swivels.

A barrel swivel is the most common connector, its ball-jointed body used often to attach leaders to lines. It’s a compact device, with double rings and metal-cast riggings. Its low cost and light weight makes it an angler favorite.

Its tendency to let lines twist, however, quickly makes it a failure.

The barrel swivel is not a recommended choice for Los Suenos, generating friction between leaders and lines. It causes cables to repeatedly turn, eventually knotting them to the point of breaking. This process is quickened in Costa Rica, due to the size and strength of the breeds found there.

When chartering a ship rely on other swivels, such as the crane swivel or ball-bearing swivel. Question captains and crews to verify their tackle choices, and visit local terminal shops to choose the appropriate options.

Seek out Marlins, Wahoos and other creatures without a fear of ruined lines and lost attachments.
Subject: Using A Crane Swivel In Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 5, 2013 at 07:06AM by Lee Byard)

fishing los suenosTrying to snag Marlins and Mahi-Mahis is no easy feat, especially if an angler finds himself without a crane swivel.

While sailing the shores of Los Suenos fishermen will face many trials - unpredictable currents, predatory breeds and a rocky collection of reefs, inlets and tidal pools. These elements threaten to undo every deep sea expedition, snapping lines and bending rods.

A crane swivel, however, can provide relief.

A crane swivel is a small, double-ringed device. It’s intended to support leaders or sinkers, allowing them to more securely attach to fishing lines. Its jointed body lets it move freely beneath the water, and a balanced design eliminates concerns of tangling.

Due to the ferocity of many Los Suenos breeds, as well as the unique underwater terrains, charter captains will often recommend crane swivels to passengers. These items adapt to fighting Marlins, Dorados or Sailfish and keep every line secure. No longer fear twisted filaments or broken cables.

To learn more about crane swivels click here.

To schedule a Los Suenos fishing adventure click here.
Subject: What Is Terminal Tackle?
(Posted on Dec 4, 2013 at 10:27AM by Lee Byard)

fishing los suenosAn angler is only as successful as his equipment. This is the unfortunate truth of fishing in Costa Rica. Strong Pacific waves, sudden storms and endless continental shelves challenge even the most experienced sportsman.

Trying to combat the elements isn’t easy and, without the proper tackle, it’s impossible.

When sailing along the coast of Los Suenos be prepared with the right terminal tackle.

What is terminal tackle? This term defines the angling equipment that’s attached to casting or trolling lines. It includes circle hooks, sinkers, swivels, lures, wire leaders and more. It also encompasses live bait, such as the popular minnows or mackerels. No angler can succeed without using this tackle correctly in the Central Pacific.

Knowledge, therefore, is power - so question charter services about their terminal options. Be aware that there are countless fish in Los Suenos and all have unique requirements. Different items and strategies will be needed every day.

To learn more about terminal tackle contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures!
Subject: Choosing Appropriate Rods and Reels For Costa Rican Dorados
(Posted on Dec 3, 2013 at 07:04AM by Lee Byard)

fishing los suenosThe Dorado is a fisherman’s favorite. This ray-finned breed flits close to the surface, dazzling with its electric colors and arched scales. Its compact body weaves quickly through the currents, making it a challenge to catch.

Without the proper rods and reels, however, that challenge becomes an impossibility.

Before setting sail from Los Suenos every angler should create a tackle checklist. Prepare for Dorado expeditions with:

30-pound class trolling rods.
30-pound microfilament lines.
25-pound spinning rods.
20-pound casting reels.
50-pound testing wires.
Circle hooks.
Utilize these rods and reels while fishing for Dorados. Contact charter services to verify their terminal tackle options, and don’t be afraid to request these particular items. They’ll help to ensure successful tours again and again.
Subject: Dorado In Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 10:05AM by Lee Byard)

Along the coast of Los Suenos swims a flat-faced fish. Its compact body--scaled in brilliant blue and green--moves quickly through the Pacific, snagging Mackerels and Squids with sharp teeth. It boasts many names: Mahi-Mahi, Dolphin Fish, Lampuga.

In Costa Rica, however, it’s known as the Dorado... and many charter services, like the Tres Amigos, chase after it each year.

tres amigos los sueños costa rica fishing

The Dorado is one of Costa Rica’s most abundant breeds. It thrives in the warm Pacific waters, foraging along the surface for its favorite prey. Spotting this breed is easy. 

Catching it, however, can prove difficult--unless anglers remember these suggestions:

Look For Hiding Places

The Dorado is a deep-sea breed. It hunts, however, along the crests and breaks, attracted both by its prey and passing debris. This is a fish that likes to hide. Pieces of driftwood, tangled strips of sea-weed and even clusters of larger animals (like dolphins) will always draw the Dorado.

Use The Chumming Method

The Dorado is a greedy creature. It will devour everything in its path. Chumming is the easiest way to tempt it to a charter boat, like the Tres Amigos. The sudden arrival of bait will lure this fish to every line.

Rely On Heavy Lures

The Dorado features a compressed body. This leads many to assume that the fish is easy to catch. The truth, however, is that this breed is muscular, often exceeding twenty five pounds. That allows it to break light lines or lures. Heavy tackle must be used to ensure a successful trip.

Utilize these tips to track the Dorado.

tres amigos los suenos costa rica fishing

Book an exclusive Mahi-Mahi fishing excursion with the Tres Amigos today.
Subject: Tres Amigos: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 10:01AM by Lee Byard)

The Tres Amigos is a 40’ sport fisher.

tres amigos los suenos costa rica fishingSpeciality: The Tres Amigos is a Mahi-Mahi specialist.

Description: The Tres Amigos is a 40’ sport fisher. It features twin 370 HP Cummins engines, which allow it to achieve a cruising speed of 22 knots. An on-board fish finder and GPS system provides deep-sea support.

Anglers: Up to five anglers can board the Tres Amigos.

Click here to book an exclusive trip on the Tres Amigos!
Subject: Family Fishing: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:58AM by Lee Byard)

A fishing vacation is often a family vacation. Parents want to sail the Pacific... and they want their children to join them. 

Accommodating large groups, however, can prove difficult. Young anglers more quickly give in to exhaustion, distraction and more. Trying to bait a Marlin seems impossible when boys and girls want to simply sleep.

A charter service, like the Arriba Dreams, is essential, therefore. 

arriba dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter services provide more than seasoned crews and navigational support. Instead they offer family-ready fishing. Ships, like the Arriba Dreams, provide multiple ways for children to be entertained throughout the day.

Cabin Access

Many ships boast below-deck cabins. These spacious rooms allow children to retreat from the Costa Rica sun, taking advantage of bedding options and galley kitchens. This is especially useful for full day excursions. 

On-board Diversions

A still line is a dull line... at least for children. Many charter services offer on-board distractions to compensate. Stereo systems, iPod hook-ups, televisions, DVD players and more provide easy entertainment. 

Small Fish Speciality 

Little hands can’t reel in big fishes. Marlins, Dorados and more will instead quickly pull away from children, undoing what should be a perfect moment. This is why many deep-sea charter services offer small fish specialties, with an excess of tackling options to track kid-friendly breeds.

A family vacation can finally succeed.... with help from charter ships.

arriba dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

Book an exclusive family tour with the Arriba Dreams.
Subject: Arriba Dreams: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:54AM by Lee Byard)

The Arriba Dreams is a 38’ custom Blackfin ship.

arriba dreams los suenos costa rica fishingSpeciality: Arriba Dreams is a sport-fishing specialist.
Description: The Arriba Dreams is a custom Blackfin boat. It spans 38’, housing a convertible cabin and galley inside. It accelerates to a 29 knots cruising speed.
Anglers: Up to 10 anglers can board the Arriba Dreams.

Click here to book an exclusive charter with the Arriba Dreams!
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