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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing License
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Costa Rica is the center of sport-fishing. Enthusiasts from across the globe come to sample the wealth of Mackerels, Crevalles and Dorados found there. They charter ships and sail from Los Suenos, exploring what the Pacific has to offer.

Those explorations, however, require a fishing license.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Those who wish to discover Costa Rica (especially the diverse landscapes of Los Suenos) must understand the need for a license. All forms of fishing--whether freshwater or deep-sea--require proper certification and, as of January 1st 2011, that certification costs $30 USD per year. There was once a monthly option for casual fishermen but this has ceased.

A fishing license can be purchased in Los Suenos. Representatives of the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (known locally as Incopesca) are found along the marina and will provide the necessary paperwork, which must then be presented to any charter service before an excursion. 

This is simple--but necessary--investment allows every fishermen to indulge in the Pacific Region.

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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing: Economy
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Costa Rica is a fisherman’s paradise. This is a widely known--and widely accepted--truth. The country’s natural beauty and seasonal schools (with Marlins, Roosterfish and others migrating there each year) make it an obvious destination for those who favor rods and reels.

This Pacific region, however, wasn’t always the location of choice for travelers. It has only been in recent years that tourism (especially within the Jaco and Los Suenos areas) has developed... and with that development comes economic and social growth.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Sport-fishing dominates the Costa Rican shores, generating an estimated two percent of the country’s total domestic gross (or the equivalent of $600 million). 

Every year sees a rush of travelers, all wanting to sample the white sand and steady waves. These individuals number in the thousands, equaling over 20% of the total tourist population. They generate employment--such as charter services--and economic change. It is believed that their presence has helped to make Costa Rica an international force. The area is no longer just a collection of preserves and tiny towns. Instead it’s a destination with unlimited potential.

And fishing is the reason it’s being discovered now.

The thrill of sport-fishing can’t be denied. The effect it has on Costa Rica, however, is just as vital. Adventure and economy finally combine.

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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing Seasons
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Every adventure has a beginning but not every adventure has a worthwhile end. Poor planning can ruin even the best of intentions, leaving travelers with missed chances and wasted days.

A fishing trip in Costa Rica is no exception.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Costa Rica has forever been lauded as a fisherman’s paradise. Its waters--specifically those surrounding the Central Pacific region--boast countless breeds. Trying to chase those breeds, however, isn’t always easy, with diverse migration patterns signaling changes each month. 

Every fisherman must plan his Costa Rica fishing adventure carefully, therefore. Recognize how each month affects migratory movements. The Central Pacific region, for example, hosts a wealth of fish. Not every breed is found throughout the year, however. Instead they prove as fickle as the tide:

Tuna: June through September
Snapper: January through December
Spanish Mackerel: January through December
Sailfish: December through April
Roosterfish: June through October
Marlin: September through November
Dorado: May through October

Noting these patterns helps to ensure that a fishing excursion doesn’t end in disaster. 

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Subject: Fishing In Los Suenos
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Tucked along the white shores of Playa Herradura is the Los Suenos Marina. This Central Pacific resort boasts sweeping views and five-star amenities, making it one of Costa Rica’s most sought after areas. 

Los Suenos is more than just a vacation destination, however. Instead it blends incomparable beauty with the country’s best sports-fishing.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Fishing isn’t merely a pastime. It’s instead a passion... and it’s one Los Suenos fulfills. This is Costa Rica’s premier destination for deep sea and shoreside expeditions. The reasons are many:


Chasing a single school of fish is unsatisfying. Los Suenos spares travelers this, instead offering a wealth of breeds to choose from. These marina waters are dominated by Tuna, Snappers, Spanish Mackerels, Roosterfish, Dorados, Marlins, Sailfish and more. The possibilities are endless.

All Season Options

A perfect adventure isn’t always defined by the summer. Costa Rica fishing excursions embrace every season instead, with fish migrating throughout the entire year. It’s finally possible to create the best sport experience.

Ecological Diversity

Los Suenos is more than a marina. It’s instead a collection of landscapes: with Pacific waters, coves, islands and inlets. The environment is ever-changing and this provides countless fishing opportunities.

A visit to Los Suenos isn’t a day at the beach. It’s instead a day in the sea.

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