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los suenos fishing, charter fishing costa ricaCosta Rica is host to some of the globe’s top sports fishing tournaments. The best of the best descend on the Central American country to flex their fishing muscles and show off their ability to snag the biggest catch.

But for sports fishermen looking to set sail to Los Suenos or Jaco for the first time, here are a few tricks to help you get a handle on all the different catches and how best to bring them triumphantly on board.  

·      Put away your ego. When charter fishing, let the crew know your experience level. If you’re a first-timer, make it known. The crew is a valuable resource to give you as much help as you might need to land a big catch.
·      Use circle hooks. Fishers are required by law to use these types of hooks in Costa Rica, as they can help you effectively snag your catch without too much damage to the fish itself.
·      Call ahead. Get the number of your charter fishing operator before your tour and ask some hard questions. Does the crew speak English, and if so, how much? What kind of boats and equipment do they use? What is their methodology? 
Subject: Ecotourism in Costa Rica
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fishing los suenosInternational visitors to Costa Rica are often looking for more than a little sand and sun.

While many visitors hit Costa Rica's waters for some superb charter fishing, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute says that more than half of the country's travellers from abroad participate in some form of ecotourism.

That means wanderlusting foreigners are hitting the mountains for hiking through the rainforest, the country's scenic waters for some kayaking, or taking advantage of Costa Rica's tropical climate for some year-round snorkeling.

In addition to exploring charming beach villages such as Jaco or Los Suenos, families and fishing enthusiasts alike can enjoy Costa Rica's unique position of possessing the highest density of plant and animal species in the world. Hailed as a haven for unique biodiversity, lovers of the outdoors can play a massive game of animal "I Spy" with more than 850 species of birds, 237 mammal species and a whopping 1,260 tree species.

The incredible biodiversity is often densest in many of Costa Rica's nationally protected parks scattered around the country. With more than 3.2 million acres of conserved lands, the Costa Rican government has ensured that travellers will be able to enjoy this nation's natural beauty for decades to come.

Subject: Costa Rica: Catch And Release
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:13AM by Lee Byard) Tags:

Costa Rica is often assumed to be the center of sport fishing.

Fishing, however, isn’t just a sport--despite how many anglers play it, despite all of the time spent trying to win. 

los suenos costa rica fishing

Instead it’s the driving force of Costa Rica’s social and economical development, generating an estimated 600 million dollars a year through tourism, professional charter services, tackle sales and more. 

And it’s because of this that the country has imposed a catch and release policy for all anglers.

Catch and release fishing, as the name implies, is when an individual manages to secure a fish but then returns it to the wild. Costa Rica utilizes this practice as part of its devotion to sustainability, ensuring that its vast collection of Marlins, Snappers and more remains steady. 

It’s estimated that almost 120,000 anglers visit Costa Rica each year, especially the areas of Jaco and Los Suenos. They hurry to the shores, exploring the currents, coves and inlets. If these individuals were allowed to fish without restrictions the effect would be immediate... and devastating. Breed populations would decline; tourism would then slow, especially since 40% of all anglers confess to choosing this Pacific area exclusively for its fishing opportunities; and the economy would falter. 

Catch and release fishing is the only way to sustain both the environment and the country. It maintains the market, while also promoting travel.

Anglers must remind themselves of this, indulging in the chase but not the hunt. 

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Subject: Costa Rica: Bio-Diversity
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Throughout the world Costa Rica is famed for its fishing opportunities. Anglers flock each year to explore what waits beyond the shores.

Those same anglers, however, may not be aware of the reason for such ample fishing.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Costa Rica is a tiny country, encompassing only 0.3% of the world’s total mass. That number, however, is quickly undone by the sheer biodiversity found within this land--a staggering 5% of the global environment. This is both unexpected and undeniable.

Within the borders of Costa Rica is a collection of rain-forests, mountain peaks, golden beaches and lagoons. It’s framed by the waters of both the Pacific and the Caribbean, and its high temperatures inspire constant growth and change. It’s an ever-expanding series of landscapes and seascapes.

There is no place on Earth that boasts the same environmental profile. The country is instead thoroughly unique.

And this is what generates such a high number of fish and sea-life.

Costa Rica, despite its small size, is the most dynamic environmental force in the world. Fishing becomes an easy task, due to the blend of fresh and salt water (found in inlets, lakes, wetlands and more). Each area is teeming with life, with crosscurrents leading new species to the shores every year. 

Biodiversity leads to perfect angling and endless adventures: from Guancaste to Los Suenos.

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Subject: Marlin Fishing Costa Rica
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The Marlin is an elusive breed. Though sought throughout the world, it remains--stubbornly, unfortunately--hard to track, its impressive size belied by undeniable speed. Trying to catch this fish is a challenge.

Trying to catch it in Costa Rica, however, makes it less of one.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Marlins dominate the Costa Rican shore, migrating often just beyond the Los Suenos Marina. This leads many travelers to flock to the Pacific, chartering ships and chasing fish.

There are certain steps, however, that should be followed before attempting such a chase:

Choose Sturdy Equipment

Traditional rods and reels will snap beneath the weight of a Marlin (these fish can easily surpass 300 pounds). An elastic enforced stand-up rod is essential, therefore: bending with the bulk instead of trying to resist it. 

Find Live Bait

The Marlin is a hunter by nature, seeking out a variety of fish to feed on (such as Bonito or Flying Fish). Individuals should use these breeds to increase their chances of catching a Marlin. Live bait emits a more dynamic scent and draws these creatures out.

Take Advantage of Sonar

Marlins are often considered the most difficult fish to track. Utilizing a sonar system is, therefore, recommended--with digital technology examining currents, migration patterns and more to pinpoint locations. Many charter services boast ultrasound equipment. 

Many seek out Costa Rica for Marlin opportunities. Remember these suggestions, however, before attempting any trip.

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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing License
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Costa Rica is the center of sport-fishing. Enthusiasts from across the globe come to sample the wealth of Mackerels, Crevalles and Dorados found there. They charter ships and sail from Los Suenos, exploring what the Pacific has to offer.

Those explorations, however, require a fishing license.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Those who wish to discover Costa Rica (especially the diverse landscapes of Los Suenos) must understand the need for a license. All forms of fishing--whether freshwater or deep-sea--require proper certification and, as of January 1st 2011, that certification costs $30 USD per year. There was once a monthly option for casual fishermen but this has ceased.

A fishing license can be purchased in Los Suenos. Representatives of the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (known locally as Incopesca) are found along the marina and will provide the necessary paperwork, which must then be presented to any charter service before an excursion. 

This is simple--but necessary--investment allows every fishermen to indulge in the Pacific Region.

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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing: Economy
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Costa Rica is a fisherman’s paradise. This is a widely known--and widely accepted--truth. The country’s natural beauty and seasonal schools (with Marlins, Roosterfish and others migrating there each year) make it an obvious destination for those who favor rods and reels.

This Pacific region, however, wasn’t always the location of choice for travelers. It has only been in recent years that tourism (especially within the Jaco and Los Suenos areas) has developed... and with that development comes economic and social growth.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Sport-fishing dominates the Costa Rican shores, generating an estimated two percent of the country’s total domestic gross (or the equivalent of $600 million). 

Every year sees a rush of travelers, all wanting to sample the white sand and steady waves. These individuals number in the thousands, equaling over 20% of the total tourist population. They generate employment--such as charter services--and economic change. It is believed that their presence has helped to make Costa Rica an international force. The area is no longer just a collection of preserves and tiny towns. Instead it’s a destination with unlimited potential.

And fishing is the reason it’s being discovered now.

The thrill of sport-fishing can’t be denied. The effect it has on Costa Rica, however, is just as vital. Adventure and economy finally combine.

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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing Seasons
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Every adventure has a beginning but not every adventure has a worthwhile end. Poor planning can ruin even the best of intentions, leaving travelers with missed chances and wasted days.

A fishing trip in Costa Rica is no exception.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Costa Rica has forever been lauded as a fisherman’s paradise. Its waters--specifically those surrounding the Central Pacific region--boast countless breeds. Trying to chase those breeds, however, isn’t always easy, with diverse migration patterns signaling changes each month. 

Every fisherman must plan his Costa Rica fishing adventure carefully, therefore. Recognize how each month affects migratory movements. The Central Pacific region, for example, hosts a wealth of fish. Not every breed is found throughout the year, however. Instead they prove as fickle as the tide:

Tuna: June through September
Snapper: January through December
Spanish Mackerel: January through December
Sailfish: December through April
Roosterfish: June through October
Marlin: September through November
Dorado: May through October

Noting these patterns helps to ensure that a fishing excursion doesn’t end in disaster. 

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Subject: Fishing In Los Suenos
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Tucked along the white shores of Playa Herradura is the Los Suenos Marina. This Central Pacific resort boasts sweeping views and five-star amenities, making it one of Costa Rica’s most sought after areas. 

Los Suenos is more than just a vacation destination, however. Instead it blends incomparable beauty with the country’s best sports-fishing.

los suenos costa rica fishing

Fishing isn’t merely a pastime. It’s instead a passion... and it’s one Los Suenos fulfills. This is Costa Rica’s premier destination for deep sea and shoreside expeditions. The reasons are many:


Chasing a single school of fish is unsatisfying. Los Suenos spares travelers this, instead offering a wealth of breeds to choose from. These marina waters are dominated by Tuna, Snappers, Spanish Mackerels, Roosterfish, Dorados, Marlins, Sailfish and more. The possibilities are endless.

All Season Options

A perfect adventure isn’t always defined by the summer. Costa Rica fishing excursions embrace every season instead, with fish migrating throughout the entire year. It’s finally possible to create the best sport experience.

Ecological Diversity

Los Suenos is more than a marina. It’s instead a collection of landscapes: with Pacific waters, coves, islands and inlets. The environment is ever-changing and this provides countless fishing opportunities.

A visit to Los Suenos isn’t a day at the beach. It’s instead a day in the sea.

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