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los suenos costa rica fishingAnglers, take note: fishing in Los Suenos is very much a catch and release affair.

Due to recent sustainability laws within Costa Rica, Los Suenos - as well as the rest of the Central Pacific - relies heavily on catch and release fishing. Endangered breeds, such as Marlins or Sailfish, cannot be kept. They must instead be returned to the water.

This requires barbless hooks.

Barbless hooks, as the name implies, are items without sharp barbed edges. They are instead smooth, which makes removing them far easier. They’re lightweight, efficient and eliminate harmful tears or cuts (both to the fish and the fisherman).

Using them in Los Suenos is strongly recommended. Barbless items are ideal for catch and release situations. They allow anglers to successfully trap, photograph and then unhook every fish - often without having to remove them from the water. This reduces the chance of injury and also promotes swifter casting.

Contact charter captains to verify if they offer barbless hooks. Rely on these tackle items while sport fishing in Los Suenos to promote better sustainability.

Reserve a charter tour, as well as lodgings, today!

los suenos costa rica fishingFishing in Los Suenos requires a steady hand and an endless bucket of chum.

It may also, however, require a baitcasting reel - if anglers feel up to the challenge.

A baitcasting reel is a cylindrical option that’s attached directly to a rod. It’s designed to move with the weight of a lure, with its spool unwinding automatically as more line is needed. It’s favored in  deep sea fishing or trolling, and its shape allows anglers to achieve a more accurate casting motion. Many swear by its precision.

Many also, however, swear at its difficulty.

Baiticasting reels are notoriously hard to master. Their heavy weights and fittings can be complicated, and they require superior mounting to be effective. First time anglers will not be able to use this item, and even experienced fishermen find themselves avoiding it.

Using the baitcast option while in Los Suenos could prove essential, though. These reels easily withstand the demands of Marlins, Sailfish and other predators. They keep lines straight, secure and spinning perfectly. Expect high durability and adaptability. This is a worthwhile tackle piece for Costa Rica.

If anglers wish to use this reel, they should consult with charter captains. See if the item is available for sport fishing, family vacations and more.
Subject: The Advantages Of Using Fiberglass Rods While In Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 21, 2013 at 08:56AM by Lee Byard)

los suenos costa rica fishingMany anglers swear by carbon fiber. They claim that no other rods provide the same tension and support, elements that are both essential while fishing in Los Suenos.

There is truth in this.

There is also, however, an alternative - fiberglass.

Fiberglass rods prove to be excellent additions to any Los Suenos sport fishing trip. They offer many advantages, making them worthwhile successors to their carbon fiber kin. Consider:


Fiberglass rods are less prone to breakage. Their powerful frames do not crack or bend beneath heavy weights, making them ideal for deep sea cruises. They’re more likely to sustain in the wake of Marlins, Gropers and other predatory fish.

Moving Bait Ability

Live bait is often used while fishing in Los Suenos, and fiberglass rods pair best with it. These tools respond well to the constant movement and they trap fish more efficiently on wiggling hooks.


Sport fishing is not limited to one activity. Instead anglers will find themselves trolling, downrigging and planer boarding as they sail along the Central Pacific. Fiberglass rods are perfect for these excursions, adapting to a variety of techniques.

A fiberglass rod complements every sport fishing tour. Consider using one today.

Contact Costa Rica Vacations for more terminal tackle tips, as well as updated fishing reports, special promotions and even charter discounts.
Subject: The Advantages Of Using Carbon Fiber Rods In Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 20, 2013 at 03:07PM by Lee Byard)

los suenos costa rica fishingFishing in Los Suenos is an art form and, like any art form, it requires the proper tools and techniques.

Using carbon fiber rods allows anglers to increase their chances of catching those elusive Striped Marlins, Spanish Mackerels and more - because they are ideal for the Central Pacific environment.

Deep Sea Adaptability

Los Suenos is famed for its deep waters. Using carbon fiber rods allows anglers to better adapt to those strong currents, due to their responsive frames and balanced designs. They’re less prone to faltering in heavy tides.

Sensitivity To Small Game

Los Suenos is internationally recognized for its large marine game. Anglers seeking smaller creatures - such as Tuna or Bluefish - won’t find themselves disappointed, however. Carbon fiber rods are perfect for these situations, transferring vibrations and alerting sport fishermen to the presence of invisible fish.

Lightweight Designs

Carbon fiber rods boast lightweight frames, which make them easy to hold and easier to master. Anglers of all ages can use them, and they are exceptionally well suited for children.

Sport fishing in Los Suenos requires many things - such as charter ships, lodgings and tackle discounts. Carbon fiber rods, however, will become just as vital while planning a vacation.

Contact Go Costa Rica Fishing for more sport fishing tips.
Subject: Using A Spin Cast Rod In Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 19, 2013 at 04:28PM by Lee Byard)

los suenos costa ricaSport fishing is thrilling.

It can also, however, be frustrating for inexperienced anglers - especially if they choose the wrong rods while in Los Suenos.

Travelers planning their first Costa Rica vacations must think of more than charter shipslodgings and fishing reports. They must instead consider their tackle options.

Rely on spin cast rods.

Spin cast rods are lightweight options, with compact grips and flexible poles. They adapt well to the Central Pacific, accommodating medium-strength lures and providing exceptional tension (which is essential while battling the area's many fierce fish). Their streamlined designs make them easy to master and their push button releases prove ideal for first-time anglers, especially young children.

Consider a spin cast rod while in Los Suenos. Use it to track Snooks, Groupers and other marine creatures. It’s a simple, but effective, tackle tool that will enhance every sport fishing vacation.
Subject: The Disadvantage Of Using A Barrel Swivel In Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 6, 2013 at 06:46AM by Lee Byard)

fishing los suenosA twisted line is a useless line.

Trying to capture fish along the coast of Los Suenos is no easy task, especially as filaments bend and break. Anglers struggle with every ray-finned, bill-nosed breed - only to lose the fight as their cables snap.

This is an unfortunate effect of bad luck and barrel swivels.

A barrel swivel is the most common connector, its ball-jointed body used often to attach leaders to lines. It’s a compact device, with double rings and metal-cast riggings. Its low cost and light weight makes it an angler favorite.

Its tendency to let lines twist, however, quickly makes it a failure.

The barrel swivel is not a recommended choice for Los Suenos, generating friction between leaders and lines. It causes cables to repeatedly turn, eventually knotting them to the point of breaking. This process is quickened in Costa Rica, due to the size and strength of the breeds found there.

When chartering a ship rely on other swivels, such as the crane swivel or ball-bearing swivel. Question captains and crews to verify their tackle choices, and visit local terminal shops to choose the appropriate options.

Seek out Marlins, Wahoos and other creatures without a fear of ruined lines and lost attachments.
Subject: Using A Crane Swivel In Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 5, 2013 at 07:06AM by Lee Byard)

fishing los suenosTrying to snag Marlins and Mahi-Mahis is no easy feat, especially if an angler finds himself without a crane swivel.

While sailing the shores of Los Suenos fishermen will face many trials - unpredictable currents, predatory breeds and a rocky collection of reefs, inlets and tidal pools. These elements threaten to undo every deep sea expedition, snapping lines and bending rods.

A crane swivel, however, can provide relief.

A crane swivel is a small, double-ringed device. It’s intended to support leaders or sinkers, allowing them to more securely attach to fishing lines. Its jointed body lets it move freely beneath the water, and a balanced design eliminates concerns of tangling.

Due to the ferocity of many Los Suenos breeds, as well as the unique underwater terrains, charter captains will often recommend crane swivels to passengers. These items adapt to fighting Marlins, Dorados or Sailfish and keep every line secure. No longer fear twisted filaments or broken cables.

To learn more about crane swivels click here.

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