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Subject: Costa Rica: Sailfish Tips
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 07:02AM by Lee Byard)

Every month seems to welcome a new fish in Costa Rica. Along the Los Suenos shoreline endless breeds follow their established paths, migrating into the warm shelf waters. 

There is one breed, however, that remains in these waters throughout the entire year--the Sailfish--and chasing after it proves easy for anglers... if they follow certain suggestions.

shot gun los suenos costa rica fishing

The Sailfish--with its iridescent frame and elongated bill--is noted for its speed and beauty. It’s among the most popular billfish of Costa Rica and every season anglers will board a charter ship (like the Shot Gun) to track it.

Doing this requires more than mere determination, though. Instead the Sailfish can be caught through:

Trolling: this breeds tends to move throughout multiple zones, willing to follow its prey from current to current. Trolling is recommended to compensate for this. It creates greater coverage in the Pacific and increases an angler’s chance for success.

Slow Pace: the Sailfish is quick in the water. Its prey, however, is not, choosing to instead remain in specific currents to feed. A slow knot pace is, therefore, suggested. This allows anglers to center themselves among a steady stream of live bait. The Sailfish will come to them.

Variety: billfish feast on countless creatures. Anglers should embrace this, varying their lines with different baits (like Blue Runners, Minnows, Pilchards and more). This will more effectively attract Sailfish.

Capturing a Sailfish isn’t difficult... if travelers implement these suggestions. Contact a charter service--like the Shot Gun--to find this striking breed.

shot gun los suenos costa rica fishing

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Subject: Shot Gun: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:59AM by Lee Byard)

The Shot Gun is a 42' Stapleton.

shot gun los suenos costa ricaSpecialty: Sailfish Specialist.
Description: The Shot Gun is a 42’ Stapleton. It features a Twin 510 HP Cat engine, which achieves a cruising speed of 26 knots, and a collection of fish finding equipment. It is manned by a captain and first mate.
Anglers: Up to eight anglers can board the Shot Gun.

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Subject: Costa Rica: Billfish
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:45AM by Lee Byard)

Within the vast expanse of the Pacific wait countless fish. Each season brings a new breed for anglers to chase, a new discovery to make. There is no end to the possibilities.

Despite this endless collection--from the Dorado to the Snapper, the Wahoo to the Yellow Fin Tuna--there is one creature that always captures the imagination: billfish. This breed dominates the Costa Rican shoreline, maddening to catch but impossible to refuse. 

Anglers wishing to track these fish must first recognize the most common types: learning where to find them, when to hunt them and why a charter service (like the Dragin Fly) is so important.

dragin fly los suenos costa rica fishing

There are three billfish found in Costa Rica throughout the year:

The Blue Marlin: This massive fish--with its powerfully-built body and quicksilver movements--resides in deep Pacific waters. Its peak migration season is from December until April along the Los Suenos coast. 

The Sailfish: This striking breed features an elongated bill and high dorsal fin. Its smaller stature allow for easier reeling but its speed is unmatched. The Sailfish prefers the warm Los Suenos currents and is most visible from December until May. It is possible, however, to catch this fish in any season.

The Black Marlin: This larger sibling of the Blue Marlin boasts a muscular frame and sharply pointed bill. Its wide fins allow it to move effortlessly throughout the Pacific, especially along the Los Suenos shoreline. It is most active in April and May.

These billfish are among the most popular choices for anglers. Finding them can prove difficult, however, without the support of a charter crew (like the Dragin Fly). Take advantage of seasoned sailors to track these elusive breeds.

dragin fly los suenos costa rica fishing

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Subject: Dragin Fly: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:41AM by Lee Byard)

The Dragin Fly is a 42’ Maverick sport-fishing yacht.

dragin fly los suenos costa rica fishingSpeciality: The Dragin Fly specializes in sport-fishing cruises, specifically targeting Billfish.
Description: The Dragin Fy is a Maverick yacht. It measures 42’ and houses a 455 HP Cat engine, reaching a cruising speed of 28 knots. It is governed by a captain and two mates.
Anglers: Up to six anglers can board the Dragin Fly.

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Subject: Costa Rica Sport Fishing
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:39AM by Lee Byard)

Sport fishing is a common pastime--especially along the shores of Costa Rica. Anglers delight each year in the Pacific waters and abundant schools, eagerly casting their lines in hopes of finding Marlin, Spanish Mackerels and more. 

Too often, however, do anglers forget that sport fishing is more than just a single experience. Instead it embraces a variety of excursions... and each of these excursions can now be found in Costa Rica with help from experienced charter ships, like the Rock & Roll.

rock and roll los suenos costa rica fishing

Sport fishing is a broad category. Within it travelers will find multiple options to consider (each of which can be tailored to a Costa Rican adventure with the Rock & Roll crew).

Bottom Fishing: All assorted tackle--bait, lines and lead lures--are securely weighted and then released to the bottom of a body of water. This allows fishermen to track more elusive breeds. It's often chosen for shelf areas or murky currents. 

Deep Sea Fishing: This type of sport fishing takes place in open spaces, with a variety of reels and rods utilized to capture large breeds. These breeds migrate far from the shore and so great distances are needed to track them.

Trolling: This technique features multiple lines (all cut to different lengths). The lines are cast behind the boat, fanning out to attract fish. Trolling often focuses on breeds that linger near the surface but can be utilized in deep sea environments. 

Choosing the right type of sport fishing is essential. Recognize which option most appeals and then choose a corresponding charter.

rock and roll los suenos costa rica fishing

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Subject: Rock & Roll: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:36AM by Lee Byard)

The Rock & Roll is a 55′ Hatteras sport fishing charter. 

rock and roll los suenos costa rica fishingAnglers: Up to 8 (a surcharge fee applies for additional passengers)

Engine: Twin Detroit 12-71TIs diesels

Cruising Speed: 20 knots.
Rock & Roll is clearly one of the largest and tricked out sport fishing boats in the the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Once you experience an adventure with the Rock & Roll family you'll travel here again and again.
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Subject: Off-Shore Fishing: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:33AM by Lee Byard)

Costa Rica is a long stretch of shoreline. Its beauty is incomparable; its cities are charming; and thousands flock each year to explore its many offerings.

What waits beyond the shore, however, is also worth discovering... especially with help from the Devilish Dreams.

devilish dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

Costa Rica--specifically the area of Los Suenos--provides more than inland adventures. Instead it offers deep-sea sport fishing. These off-shore opportunities allow every angler (from the billfish champion to the mackerel chaser) to cast their lines with ease. 

Tucked along the curve of Los Suenos is the Pacific Ocean There anglers will discover seasonal fishing, with every month yielding new breeds to track and steady currents to enjoy. Chartering a ship--like the Devilish Dreams, which emphasizes off-shore sporting--provides instant access to Marlins, Sailfish, Tuna and more. The possibilities are many. The thrills are undeniable.

devilish dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

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Subject: Devilish Dreams: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:27AM by Lee Byard)

The Devilish Dreams is a 55’ Hatteras sport fisher.

devilish dreams los suenos costa rica fishingSpeciality: The Devilish Dreams specializes in offshore fishing.
Description: The Devilish Dreams is a sport fisher option. It measures 55’ and is a Hatteras design, complete with twin diesel engines and a 24 knots cruising speed. It is run by a captain and two mates (all who are bilingual).
Anglers: Up to 15 anglers can board the Devilish Dreams. A $150 surcharge is required for every angler after 8.

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Subject: Marlin Charters: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:25AM by Lee Byard)

The sight of a Marlin--with its straight bill and high fins, body a collection of scales and strength--rising from the waves is unforgettable. These massive fish arch out of the water, taunting anglers and casting shadows. They are easy to spy along the Costa Rican shoreline. 

They are not, however, easy to catch... unless an experienced charter crew, like the one found on the 60 Megabites, is chosen.

60 megabites los suenos costa rica fishing

Each year Costa Rica--specifically the area of Los Suenos--welcomes thousands of anglers, many determined to chase Marlin. This is a lofty goal but also one that’s not often accomplished. These fish are quick in the water and ferocious on the line. They move with a brutal efficiency, ever the ocean predator. Trying to capture them proves difficult for the professional angler and almost impossible for the novice. 

A charter crew, however, can help sway the odds. These individuals--like the captain and mates of the 60 Megabites--understand not only the Pacific, but also the migrational patterns of Marlins. They are familiar with seasonal shifts and currents, as well as luring this breed with specialized bait, rods and trolling lines. Utilizing their skills offers anglers the best chance to succeed.

And that transforms a simple vacation into a Los Suenos experience.

Take advantage of charter crews. Track Marlins with support from the 60 Megabites and similar ships. 

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Subject: 60 Megabites: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 06:22AM by Lee Byard)

60 MEGABITES is a 60' Hatteras. 

60 megabites los suenos costa rica fishingDescription: The 60 Megabites is a 60’ Hatteras. It features a Twin 1400 HP Cat engine, which allows it to achieve a cruising speed of 26 knots. It is manned by a captain and first mate.

Anglers: The 60 Megabites accepts up to 14 anglers. A $50 surcharge is required for each angler after 8.

Engine: The 60 Megabites has a Twin Cat engine (3412e, 1400 HP). It reaches a cruising speed of 26 knots and a top end speed of 34 knots.

Comfort: The 60 Megabites features three expansive cabins, as well as three bathrooms. It also has a large, air-conditioned salon. Access to a microwave, stove, four refrigerators, two freezers, an ice maker, a water maker and a washer and dryer is available.

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