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Subject: Choose Proper Lubricants To Maintain Los Suenos Fishing Gear
(Posted on Mar 1, 2014 at 01:28PM by Lee Byard)

lubricating fishing reels los suenos costa ricaA squeaking reel must be mended.

It must not, however, be mended with petroleum jelly, spray-on oils or other household products.

While fishing in Los Suenos anglers may find themselves faced with weak gears and shaky eyelets. Their first impulse, of course, is to fix these things and so they reach for the closet items available. All grease should, after all, have the same effect.

It doesn’t.

Proper lubrication requires equally proper products. Choose options that are designed for fishing tackle (rather than engine maintenance, rusted hinges or other issues). Their chemical ratios are gentle and will not impact the overall structure or efficiency of reels.

Household items - like the ever-popular WD40 - are not intended for sport fishing equipment. They can instead cause long-lasting damage, stripping away natural oils and turning parts brittle. Avoid using them at all costs.

Caring for a fishing reel begins with the right tools. Rely only on certified products. Find them in bait stores, tackle shops and even at the Los Suenos marina. Accept no substitutes and maintain equipment for every season.

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Subject: Replace Damaged Lures Before Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Feb 28, 2014 at 01:53PM by Lee Byard)

fixing fishing lure los suenos costa ricaA damaged lure is a useless lure.

Fishing in Los Suenos is the dream of many anglers. That dream becomes a nightmare, however, when tackle boxes offer nothing but broken lures. Poppers, plugs and spinnerbaits are essential in this Costa Rica town, attracting Yellowfins and Crevalles with ease. Their colors and feathers prove perfect for even the deepest waters.

Lures with cracks or tears, however, will serve no purpose - except to frustrate anglers.

It’s important, therefore, to inspect all lures before every sport fishing trip. Note their conditions; replace any faulty ones; and always purchase spares (whether before arriving in Los Suenos or from one of the marina’s many tackle shops).

Be certain to also bring epoxy glue on every charter trip. This can be used to temporarily repair lures, filling in any cracks or crevices until replacements can be found. Always have access to it while at sea.

Keep every lure in top-shelf condition. Monitor them all throughout the fishing season.

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Subject: Choose The Right Hooks While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Feb 28, 2014 at 01:32PM by Lee Byard)

fishing hooks los suenos costa ricaSnagging a Marlin is no easy task.

Snagging a Marlin with an improperly sized hook, however, is an impossible one.

While fishing in Los Suenos anglers must remember to choose the right hooks for their rods, replacing damaged ones with great care. These items boast distinct tension strengths, barbs and shapes (such as the Lazer Sharp, the Mustad Model or the Eagle Claw). They are not interchangeable. They are instead unique.

Sport fishing requires precision. Be certain then to choose identical hooks when looking for replacements. Always match the exact measurements. A hook that’s too large will force lines to tangle, while a hook that's too small will cause unbalanced casting. Choose items that are sized to a rod’s specifications and needs. Consult with the manuel if there is any confusion or ask one of Los Suenos' many charter captains for advice.

Fishing hooks are not created equal. Be sure to choose the right options for any deep-sea or near-shore expedition. 

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Subject: Store Lines Properly While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Feb 27, 2014 at 10:18AM by Lee Byard)

fishing line maintenance tips los suenos costa ricaFishing lines are remarkably efficient. They manage to withstand vicious tugs, pulls and twists. They spool out in perfect angles, even as they snag on rocks and reefs. They adapt to deep waters and sandy shores with equal ease, allowing anglers to seek out the most elusive marine creatures.

Despite the strength they display in the sea, however, they prove all too delicate on land. Every line snaps and breaks when improperly cared for - and that care begins with storage.

While fishing in Los Suenos all anglers must remember to store their lines correctly. Choose a space with lower temperatures and lots of shade (heat tends to dry out the filaments, causing them to fray). Avoid damp locations since bacteria or mold can grow on the cables, and be certain to re-spool them before tucking them away. This helps to avoid knotting.

It’s also vital to dry each line during the storage process. After each sport fishing trip, wipe them down with a soft cloth to remove all moisture. This will extend the life of filaments by many seasons and help to maintain appropriate tension and flexibility.

Fishing lines play pivotal roles in every deep-sea or near-shore charter. Store them properly.

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Subject: Protect Cork Handles While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Feb 26, 2014 at 07:16AM by Lee Byard)

cork handle maintenance los suenos costa ricaCork is a common sight in Los Suenos. Anglers rely on it while fishing, gripping it confidently as they chase down Dorados, Wahoos and more. It’s an ideal material, proving lightweight, balanced and receptive to vibrations.

It’s also, however, all too easily damaged when exposed to oily hands.

Cork is a sensitive material. Oils secreted through the skin easily penetrate it, stripping it to the core and weakening its structure. Fishing handles are rendered useless every season, and anglers find themselves wasting time and money to replace them.

This problem can be solved by simply putting on gloves.

Wear cotton or latex gloves while fishing in Los Suenos. These gentle fabrics will protect the cork, maintaining its shape and eliminating oils. This can extend the life of every handle by years, especially when coupled with wood filler solutions to smooth out any issues caused by saltwater or sunlight (cork has a tendency to turn brittle in deep-sea conditions. Keep it shaded and well-hydrated when not in use).

No longer fear broken handles. Use gloves to instead take advantage of cork.

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Subject: Replace Damaged Eyelets While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Feb 26, 2014 at 07:00AM by Lee Byard)

fishing eyelet care los suenos costa ricaFrayed lines lead to lost fish and endless frustration.

A weakened cable is more than twice as likely to snap beneath the weight of Blue Marlins, Sailfish or big-bodied Groupers; and too many deep-sea battles have been prematurely ended by damaged filaments.

Avoiding this fate is - thankfully - easy. While fishing in Los Suenos be certain to maintain proper eyelets.

Eyelets guide fishing lines, allowing them to smoothly cast and return. When these items are nicked or rusted, however, they can wreak havoc on cables, systemically wearing them down until they snap.

Inspect eyelets before every sport fishing tour, therefore, to avoid this problem. Replace old items (or, if only minor repairs are needed, sand them down to smooth finishes) and watch out for signs of saltwater corrosion.

If anglers borrow rods from charter crews, they should still do a thorough check of overall eyelet conditions before sailing. Don’t hesitate to ask when these options were last replaced. Successful fishing, after all, requires reliable equipment.

Reduce worries of frayed lines. Swap damaged eyelets for pristine results.

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