manuel antonio national park costa ricaTucked deep within Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio National Park. This tiny sprawl of rain forests and sandy coves has become one of the country’s most popular attractions, drawing tourists from across the globe. Its vibrant landscapes and exotic creatures make it a favorite of all adventurers.

Manuel Antonio National Park was established in 1972 as a way to preserve Costa Rica's bio-diversity. Within its 4,900 acres are 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds. This staggering wildlife collection is surpassed only by the park’s natural beauty. Mountains, canals and coral reefs all collide inside it, and this creates a dynamic experience for any traveler.

Take advantage of that experience by visiting the park. Manuel Antonio is ideally located. It’s mere miles from the city of Quepos and less than two hours from San Jose. This allows travelers to indulge in its many offerings - such as hiking, surfing, snorkeling, whale watching, horseback riding and zip-lining - with ease. Schedule a car or shuttle service to reach the park. These services run frequently throughout the day from all major towns.

Due to the efforts of the National System of Conservation Areas (more commonly called the SINAC), Manuel Antonio is painstakingly protected. The daily number of visitors is strictly monitored to maintain the natural infrastructure. Those wishing to explore the park should reserve tours in advance.

Manuel Antonio is an incomparable preserve and an unforgettable part of any vacation.


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