Tucked along the Pacific Ocean is Jacó. This coastal city is located within the Puntarenas province, where sand and stone meet. White shorelines--carved along Costa Rica’s Central Region--flank the north and south. Mountains surround the outskirts, shaped by volcanic rock and deep forests. It’s a collection of natural wonders... which makes it the obvious choice for every summer escape.
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At first glance, Jacó may seem like just a tiny town, cobbled together by beach-front shops and red-tile roofs. Appearances, however, are often deceiving. This is instead a dynamic area. There is much to see and even more to experience, with Jacó sure to please fishing enthusiasts, adventurers and families alike.
Jacó is settled within Costa Rica’s Central Region. This ensures a close proximity to all land and water sports, with many a mere hour’s drive or boat-ride away. Visitors will quickly find themselves with much to do:
  • Deep-sea fish in the Pacific, searching for Marlin or Mackerel.
  • Sail to Tortugua Island for all-day trolling, specifically to find Porcupine Fish or King Angelfish.
  • Hike the trails of the Carara Biological Reserve.
  • Spy on crocodiles along the Tarcoles River.
  • Tour the Guacalillo Mangrove.
  • Surf along the coast of Playa Hermosa.
  • Visit the Bat Islands, indulging in snorkeling, kayaking or fishing (Wahoo and Trout are in high supply).
  • Experience white-water rafting on the Naranjo River.
  • Ride on horseback through the Manuel Antonio forest.
The possibilities are endless in Jacó.

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