Getting Around In Costa Rica: Jaco

Traveling in unfamiliar territories can prove challenging, even for the most seasoned tourists. Costa Rica Fishing Adventures understands this, which is why we now offer tips on how to best explore the Jaco region: saving you time, money and sanity.

The most common transportation methods are:


Hotel shuttle. Contact the nearby Los Suenos Marriott to secure transportation. The resort offers efficient, and cost effective, shuttles for all of its guests. This is a popular option and seats should be reserved at least two weeks in advance to compensate for crowds. 

Taxi. San Jose, Jaco and other surrounding areas boast taxi services. These options allow riders to better define when they wish to leave and where they wish to go (hotel shuttles, comparatively, favor predetermined routes and schedules). Travelers should note, however, that taxis tend to be more costly and can be difficult to secure during the busy dry season.

Public transit. Jaco offers a reliable public transportation system, which allows tourists to explore the city with ease. It’s properly maintained and inexpensive, proving to be a perfect option for both the time and budget conscious. Routes can be limiting, however, and frequent exchanges may be needed.

Car rental. Car rental agencies are found in Jaco, Los Suenos and San Jose. They grant travelers greater freedoms, and discounts can be found during the rainy season. Drivers should note, however, that Costa Rican road conditions may be less than ideal. Choose this option with caution.

No matter which transit option is chosen, travelers should always:

Know the exact address of their destinations.

Have local currency (colones) on hand.

Be prepared with alternative routes, should road conditions prove unfavorable.

Getting To Jaco From Juan Santamaria International Airport

Those traveling to Jaco often arrive first to the Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose. This hub, which is positioned an hour-and-a-half from the city, offers a wide array of transportation options:

Taxis. Taxis are easy to find in Juan Santamaria. Drivers frequent the airport, hoping to secure tourist fares. The 83 mile trip to Jaco is one that’s often made and typically costs up to $100.00. Official San Jose cabs are red, not yellow. Ask always for identification before boarding.

Shuttles. Many hotels and resorts offer private shuttles for their guests. Consider contacting Morgan’s Cove, the Los Suenos Marriott, the Buddha Hostel and other venues to reserve seating.

Rental Cars. Juan Santamaria boasts many rental options. Secure a car at least one month in advance and have local currency available to pay tolls. 

Getting Around Jaco Via Taxi

Finding taxi transportation in or around Jaco shouldn’t prove difficult. Knowing how much to pay for that transportation, however, can prove far more challenging - especially for travelers who are unaware of currency conversion. 

Research fares in advance and have the appropriate colones prepared (credit cards may be declined by drivers; cash is always best). As of 2013, the most common trips cost: 

Hermosa: $20.00 to $35.00
Esterillos: $30.00 to $40.00
Herradura / Los Suenos: $15.00 to $20.00
Carara National Park: $40.00
Bejuco: $45.00


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