los suenos costa ricaLos Suenos is the center of sport fishing in Central America. Within it are a wealth of deep sea and inshore opportunities.

Not all of these opportunities are the same, however. Instead they’re defined by two distinct categories - Catch and Release Fishing and Edible Fishing. Both boast specific rules and understanding those rules is essential.

Catch and Release Fishing

Catch and Release fishing, as the name implies, is when an angler does not keep what he catches. Instead he releases it back into the water. This practice is common in Los Suenos, reflecting the area’s push toward sustainability.

Certain breeds - including Striped Marlins, Sailfish or Blue Marlins - are protected by law and cannot be eaten. Expect to use barbless hooks, landing nets and other safe tackle options during these trips.

Edible Fishing

Not every fish is subject to Catch and Release terms. Some instead can be caught and eaten. This is known as Edible Fishing. Plentiful breeds - such as Dorados, Wahoos or Tuna - can be hooked and cooked directly on a charter boat or even taken to a local restaurant to be served with the dinner rush.

These creatures are in no danger of extinction and don’t qualify for sustainability laws. Anglers must request this type of tour while in Los Suenos, however, since it is the least common.

Costa Rica is famed for its fishing: both Catch and Release and Edible. Check out the blogs below to learn more!

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