los suenos costa ricaTransform fishing from pastime to perfection by vacationing in Costa Rica.

The Central Pacific is famed for its natural beauty and family-friendly activities. Those seeking salty shores, however, will also find much to celebrate. This is the premier angling destination, and sportsmen will find deep sea and inshore opportunities.

Deep Sea Fishing

Experience exceptional deep sea fishing in Costa Rica. Sail along the coasts of Los Suenos and Jaco, where vast collections of marine life wait. Countless Marlins, Wahoos, Mackerels and more can be found in these regions - offering anglers exciting chases and bountiful hauls.

Charter a ship to explore the Central Pacific and all it has to offer. Seasoned crews will lead anglers into the ocean, offering quality tackle and professional support.

Inshore Fishing

Discover inshore possibilities in Costa Rica. Travel to Manuel Antonio, where a series of inlets and canals create endless fishing opportunities. Seek out Black Bass, Bluefish, Flounders and more in this national park. The shallow pools and clear-watered coves prove perfect for angling.

Secure transportation in Los Suenos for all inshore fishing trips. Rely on park guides to reach the four major beaches (Manuel Antonio, Espadilla Sur, Telora and Playita) and contact local charters for advice on tackle and bait.

Explore the Central Pacific with rod in hand. Contact Go Costa Rica Fishing to create an unforgettable vacation.
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