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los suenos costa ricaGain a new point of view at MidWorld Adventure Park. Take on the High Ropes Puzzle Course. This attraction features bridges, rappel lines, nets and more. It allows guests to climb through the canopy, taking in spectacular views while trying to solve challenging riddles. This creates a unique experience, with teams racing against each other in a game of wit and skill.

Travel from Los Suenos to reach the MidWorld High Ropes Puzzle Course. Transportation is available and allows guests to arrive at the park on time. Note that this tour is physically demanding and will require extensive climbing. Those with young children should consider other options, like charters or ATV treks.


MidWorld Adventure Park, Manuel Antonio


2 hours.

Recommended For

Experienced or inexperienced climbers can participate in MidWorld’s High Ropes Course. Children under the age of 8 are not permitted on the course, however, and those with medical conditions - such as neck injuries, back injuries or pregnancy - should reconsider.

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