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MidWorld’s ATV Tours

Seek out unforgettable adventures. MidWorld’s ATV tours allow guests to journey into the wild, following trails across the Quepos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio regions. 

These exhilarating tours weave riders through undisturbed jungles, beaches and mountain paths. The terrains are as rugged as they are beautiful. Fully automatic ATVs conquer every mile, allowing guests to enjoy themselves without fearing stalled engines or complicated transmission shifts. Trek across working plantations, rustic villages and beyond.

All MidWorld ATVs are equipped with four-wheel drive and automatic transmission. Riders are offered demonstrations before each trip to ensure safety, and experienced guides are always nearby. The trips are family-friendly, with even novices able to participate. 

Duration: 2 hours.

Recommended For: Riders of all ages. All children under the age of 16, however, must be accompanied by an adult.

Rates: $99.00 per single ATV rental. $129.00 per double ATV rental. Price includes motorized tour of Manuel Antonio National Park, water and a meal. It does not include transportation to or from pick-up destination. 13% tax also not included.

Capacity: Max 100
Cost midworld’s atv tours: $129.00
Cost midworld’s atv tours: $99.00

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