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MidWorld’s High Ropes Puzzle Course

Achieve new heights with MidWorld’s High Ropes Course. This exciting tour takes guests to the heart of Manuel Antonio National Park, where they then climb through the canopy and discover breathtaking scenery.

As the park’s only free-standing puzzle course, MidWorld’s High Ropes is a local favorite. Its challenging design includes 3 puzzle bridges, 1 monkey climb, 1 Tarzan-style swing and 1 rappel point. Try to master each component, utilizing wits and strength. 

Every participant should be aware of the physical requirements of the High Ropes Puzzle Course. This is a demanding series of lines and platforms. Extensive climbing is required. 

Duration: 2 hours.

Recommended For: Experienced or inexperienced climbers. Children under the age of 8 are not permitted on the course.

Rates: $70.00 per person. Price includes motorized tour of Manuel Antonio National Park, water and a meal. It does not include transportation to or from pick-up destination. 13% tax also not included.

Capacity: Max 100
Cost midworld’s high ropes puzzle course: $70.00

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