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60 Megabites,  Los Suenos, Costa RIca60 Megabites,  Los Suenos, Costa RIca
60 Megabites60 Megabites


The 60 Megabites is a 60’ Hatteras ship.


Specialty: Marlin Fishing Specialist


Description: The 60 Megabites is a 60’ Hatteras. It features a Twin 1400 HP Cat engine, which allows it to achieve a cruising speed of 26 knots. It is manned by a captain and first mate.


Anglers: The 60 Megabites accepts up to 14 anglers. A $50 surcharge is required for each angler after 8. 


Engine: The 60 Megabites has a Twin Cat engine (3412e, 1400 HP). It reaches a cruising speed of 26 knots and a top end speed of 34 knots.


Comfort: The 60 Megabites features three expansive cabins, as well as three bathrooms. It also has a large, air-conditioned salon. 


Access to a microwave, stove, four refrigerators, two freezers, an ice maker, a water maker and a washer and dryer is available.


Fishing Gear:


All equipment aboard the 60 Megabites was purchased in 2009. It includes:

  • Penn International (25-50)
  • SHIMANNO 30 
  • Outriggers 
  • Downrigger 
  • Live Bait Well


Safety Equipment


The 60 Megabites has many safety options, including:

  • Life Jackets
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • First Aid Equipment
  • Distress Radio Beacon (EPRIB)
  • Life Raft

Anglers: Max 14
Cost full day: $3300.00

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Features & Equipment:

All equipment for the 60 Megabites was purchased in 2009. It includes: Penn International (25-50),  SHIMANNO 30, Outriggers, Downrigger, and a Live Bait Well.

Fishing Tackle:

The available fishing tackle for the 60 Megabites is: 30 lbs. reels,  50 lbs. reels,  80 lbs. reels,    Electric Reels and Spinning Reels.


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