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Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher is a 32’ Albermarle Express ship.


Speciality: The Dream Catcher specializes in deep-sea and bottom fishing.


Description: The Dream Catcher is an Albermarle Express boat. It is 32’ in length and is run by a captain and first mate. Both individuals are bilingual.


Anglers: Up to four anglers can board the Dream Catcher.


Engine: Information is unavailable.


Comfort: The Dream Catcher features a central salon, equipped with air conditioning and vacuum flush toilets. 


Meals and drinks are served throughout full or half day trips.


Fishing Gear:


The Dream Catcher features a variety of equipment, allowing it to adapt to deep-sea, bottom and in-shore fishing.


Safety Equipment:


The Dream Catcher offers standard safety options.

Anglers: Max 4
Cost dream catcher: $1350.00
Cost dream catcher: $1000.00

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Features & Equipment:

The Dream Catcher is equipped for in shore, bottom and deep sea fishing.

Fishing Tackle:

The Dream Catcher features up-to-date fishing tackle.


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