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Subject: Possible World Record For Fishing Set In Central Pacific
(Posted on Mar 25, 2014 at 03:02PM by Lee Byard)

world record fishing los suenos costa ricaFlorida-native Ward Michaels sailed into Costa Rica, hoping for exceptional weather and ample fishing. It was not his first trip. He had instead visited the Central Pacific region dozens of times, always trying to earn a prize but never quite succeeding.

This has finally changed.

The Costa Rican Times reports that, on March 19, Michaels snagged a massive 60 pound Snook along the Los Suenos shoreline. This fish, as seen pictured here, has captured the attention of the entire sporting world - and rightfully so. Its weight surpasses the previous record-holder (a 57 pound Black Snook caught in 1991) and it will potentially be registered with the International Game Fish Association.

This registration relies on weight verification, a process that can take weeks. Michaels remains certain that his Snook will pass, however. “People in Costa Rica are working on it," he stated. "It’ll require a lot of paperwork but it’ll get done.”

To read more about this incredible catch click here.

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