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manuel antonio costa ricaManuel Antonio is famed for its lush jungles and rocky beaches. It will soon, however, be known for its sport fishing opportunities as well.

A recent Costa Rican Times article declared Manuel Antonio one of the premier fishing destinations in the Americas. This seaside region - already a center of tourism due to its national park - is becoming a center of deep sea and inshore adventures.

Travel to Manuel Antonio and discover a wealth of creatures. The area serves as a hub for Marlins, Snappers, Wahoos, Roosterfish, Dorados and more. Its steady temperatures and diverse coastline (which offers coral reefs, tidal pools and other attractive breeding grounds) makes it ideal for sport fishing.

It also proves ideal for charter tours, with countless ships providing anglers with world-class excitement. 

This is a can't-miss location for fishermen and families alike.

To read more about Manuel Antonio click here.

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