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los suenos costa ricaGalati Yachts is famed throughout the world for its superior craftsmanship, exceptional speeds and luxurious interiors - and a recent sales boom now brings this company to the heart of Los Suenos.

According to Super Yachts, the Galati brand will soon anchor itself in Los Suenos, filling the marina with the Viking Convertible, the Westport Amarula Sun and the Sunseeker Polly. Construction will begin in 2014 and the area will see a dramatic increase in fishing boats, charter cruisers and more.

This proves exciting for the Central Pacific, stimulating the economy and creating new employment opportunities. Fishing has always been a driving force of the Los Suenos area. Galati Yachts is now simply adding to that force, elevating the harbor with its world-class ships.

According to Darren Plymate, the company’s Vice President, “Success from FLIBS (Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show) far exceeded Galati’s expectations in new and brokerage boat sales, new listings and hundreds of fresh prospects.” Expect impressive designs and award-winning ships soon.

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