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Subject: Los Suenos Soon To Host Triple Crown Tournament
(Posted on Nov 17, 2013 at 11:04AM by Lee Byard)

los suenos costa ricaLos Suenos is famed for its sport fishing. Within its warm currents and rocky shelves is a wealth of marine life. Striped Marlins, Dorados, Jack Crevalles and more weave between the waves, with anglers always following close behind.

In 2014 Los Suenos will do more than host a variety of fish. Instead it will offer a new tournament, with sportsmen able to test their skills in the ultimate deep sea adventure.

The Signature Triple Crown is an exclusive tournament targeting Marlins and Pacific Sailfish. Those participating in this event will be challenged to catch - and release - as many fish as possible within the scheduled legs:

Leg I: January 22 to January 25
Leg II: February 26 to March 1
Leg III: March 12 to March 15

The winning team will receive a guaranteed cash prize of $100,000.00, as well as recognition as a Los Suenos champion. It's certain to be an exciting event for the whole family.

To learn more about the Signature Triple Crown click here.

To see which charter ships are available for the tournament click here.
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