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Subject: Tortuga Island: Kayaking
(Posted on May 10, 2013 at 05:42PM by Lee Byard)

Cradled along the Nicoya Peninsula is Tortuga Island. This spectacular isle--with its white shores and lush forest interior--is a favorite among travelers, drawing hundreds of visitors a week. 

tortuga island costa ricaAnd those same visitors often indulge in kayaking.

While Tortuga Island is famed for its in-shore offerings (such as horseback riding, hiking and bird-watching), its sea excursions can’t be denied. The waters surrounding the isle are without peer: blue, deep and steady. From the perch of kayak guests will suddenly find themselves immersed in nature. Passing fish will delight with their bold colors and staggering sizes; slow-moving tortoises will charm; and pristine coral reefs will capture the imagination. The beauty of the Central Pacific is effortlessly offered.

Kayaking proves to be an exceptional way to spend the day. The scenery is stunning and the waves are calm. It’s a can’t-miss opportunity for any adventurer.

Explore Tortuga Island today!
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