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Subject: Costa Rica: Los Suenos Golfing
(Posted on May 9, 2013 at 09:42AM by Lee Byard)

Los Suenos is famed for its deep waters and golden shores. It is the center of Costa Rica’s fishing, with charter ships weaving in and out of the marina every day.

los suenos costa ricaTravelers wishing to take a break from their quests for record-breaking Marlins and Snooks, however, can still find much to do in Los Suenos -- such as indulging in its world-class golf course.

Tucked among the Central Pacific is La Iguana. This breathtaking course--designed by Ted Robinson Jr., noted architect and sport enthusiast--introduces visitors not only to Costa Rica’s stunning scenery, but also provides professional-worthy gaming. 

La Iguana winds its ways across 6,698 yards. It is regarded as a championship course, featuring 18 holes, a 72 par and a slope of 145. The dynamic field shifts from lush fairways to tree-lined hazards to lake-guarded greens. Every section boasts a new environment and a new challenge. 

La Iguana is more than a mere course, however. Instead it is a tribute to Costa Rica’s beauty. The rainforest flanks every hole, flooding the senses with exotic flora and fauna. Every game becomes an experience: undeniable, unforgettable and one-of-a-kind.

Los Suenos is not just a harbor. Instead it offers guests endless entertainments. Visit the La Iguana today!
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