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Subject: Los Suenos: Horseback Riding
(Posted on Oct 15, 2013 at 08:34PM )
There are many wonders hidden in the deep rainforests of Los Suenos.  The trick to discovering them is finding the right ride. Nothing brings to light the mysticism of the rainforest quite like seeing it by horseback.

Explore the winding trails of Costa Rica by saddle, discovering waterfalls and wildlife. It’s the true way to get in touch with nature in Los Suenos.

If delving into lush jungles isn’t your style, navigate sandy beaches with hooves beneath you and the ocean’s waves before you.

While it might not be the most advanced form of transportation, it’s traditional, offering an experience that no automotive vehicle can offer.

Come discover Los Suenos today!

Tucked just beyond Los Suenos Marina and Resort is a collection of hidden trails and old-world secrets -- endless rainforest acres, golden shores, river crossings. This is the heart of the Central Pacific region.

And an All Terrain Vehicle (more commonly called an ATV) tour perfectly showcases every mile.

los suenos costa rica fishingBranching out from Los Suenos is a network of natural wonder. Accessing it by foot or car, however, proves difficult. The terrains blur together; the miles are too long. Trying to see every tropic treasure borders on the impossible. 

With help from an ATV, though, travelers of all ages can immerse themselves in Costa Rica’s dynamic scenery. These rugged options effortlessly adapt to their environments: from thick-sand beaches to slick riverbeds. This allows individuals to easily explore the Central Pacific. 

And those explorations are as unforgettable as Costa Rica itself -- blending high-speed thrills with pristine shores. 

An ATV trip is perfect for all travelers. The tours are led by seasoned guides, with safety stressed for every rider. There are a variety of trails to consider and each is tailored to an individual’s skill (from the novice to the experienced). This ensures that every adventure is a success.

Discover what waits beyond Los Suenos. Embrace the beauty of the Pacific.
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