Adventure Travel Choices in Costa Rica

Cradled between the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans, surrounded by a network of islands and inlets, is Costa Rica. This is a country that is ever-impressive, dominated by mountains, white shores and wooded paths. It is the heart of Central America, and travelers craving more than the usual escapes will find them here with ease.
Too often do adventures fail. They are secondhand thrills, memorable only for their costs. Trying to create a vacation worth having seems impossible... except in Costa Rica. There every mile offers a new activity, a new chance for excitement. A wealth of hiking, kayaking and fishing opportunities await. Travelers simply have to step from their doors and experience them.
A perfect adventure demands diversity. Costa Rica offers that with every glance. Visitors may:
Hike along the outskirts of Cerro Chato, an ancient volcano.
Gain an unparalleled view of the rainforest along the Arenal Hanging Bridges, suspended miles above the ground.
Explore the depths of the Venado Caves.
Master the waves at Montezuma Beach.
Dive off the coast of Tortuga Island to see clear waters and a diverse ecological system.
Take a motorbike tour through the Guanacaste province.
Discover wild rapids on the Sarapiquí river.
Zip-line through the forests of Turrialba.
Uncover the secrets of Guayabo National Park, the country’s oldest archeological site.
Kayak the challenging paths of Rio Locos. 
Sail above the Nosara region in a hot air balloon.
From San Jose to Puerto Limon, Alajuela to Drake Bay: there is much to do.
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